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Why Healthy Ads?

Why Healthy Ads?

Directly Managed Publishers

One of our most unique selling points is our own directly sourced and curated managed publisher supply. Our publisher team continually recruits high quality, brand safe websites that are relevant to either the Healthy Ads brand or a particular campaign.

Since 2008, we’ve continually developed our own algorithmic approach to publisher recruitment scoring each potential website on 54+ signals including domain age, social reputation, publishing cycle and many others. This approached has ensure we are known for quality.

There are no intermediaries or arbitrage. Each website owner integrates with Healthy Ads by either running our Proprietary Page Ad Tags across their entire website or integrates via Header Bidding using our Prebid Adaptor.

Regardless of the integration method, Healthy Ads has full access to 100% of their inventory. This allows us the ability to accurately forecast volumes, whilst offering guaranteed reservations to advertisers.

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Guaranteed IOs or Programmatic Deals

Healthy Ads clients range from Brands direct and their Advertising Agencies, through to Agency Trading Desks and other Independent Trading Desks. All clients have the same requirement, they want to reach a Healthy Audience of consumers online.

Some clients we work directly via Guaranteed Insert Order, whilst others we are connected Programmatically via their DSP and we trade via PMPs or Deals IDs.

Irrespective of how you’d like to work with us, we’ll develop a custom solution to suit your requirements and goals.

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Global Ad Operations

Based in New York City and supported globally 24/7 by staff in Sydney and India our Ad Operations Team works on client campaigns from start to finish.

By having a globally distributed Ad Operations team, HealthyAds is able to deliver quick turn arounds for clients from forecasting new campaigns, trafficking and optimization of line items through to end of campaign reporting.

Apart from direct and guaranteed campaigns, our Global Ad Operations team is highly experienced when it comes to Programmatic. PMPs or Deal IDs at the best of time can be difficult getting them to run, our team works on creation, debugging and optimization for PMPs across a range of Serve Side Platform (SSPs).

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Brand Safety & Transparency

Brand Safety is an umbrella term for preventative measures undertaken to prevent harm to advertisers running direct and guaranteed campaigns or programmatically via PMPs or Deal IDs.

Healthy Ads has numerous levels of defense against showing a client’s ads on inappropriate content that are continually updated to provide comprehensive protection.

Just some of the preventative measures when it comes to Brand Safety include;

  • Manual Inspection of each Website

  • Automatic Filtering of Impressions in Ad Server

  • Profanity Filter

  • Use of White Lists

  • Forced Black Lists

  • Ads.txt

 When it comes to Transparency, we provide comprehensive reporting and website lists for campaigns and programmatic buying.

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Apart from the Directly Managed Publishers in Healthy Ads, we have the ability to leverage off both the publishers within Gourmet Ads and House Ads giving substantial scale.

In addition to our own directly managed inventory,  we also have access to Audited Appnexus inventory which for campaigns with challenging targeting like small Retargeting pools or precise geographical targeting we can run Reach Extension campaigns across the entire internet. This strategy can include hand picked Health sites we have access to or our wider Whitelist of approved sites via our partners.

Either way our Ad Operations team will ensure we have enough scale to fulfill your campaign.

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Contextual Targeting Solutions

Any successful digital advertising campaign is about reaching the right audience at the right time and one such tool to achieve this is Contextual Targeting.

The process of Contextual Targeting involves only advertising on webpages or content which are contextual relevant to the product you are advertising. An example could be running ads for a Wearable Fitness Tracker on a page which reviews those products.

HealthyAds has two types of Contextual Targeting Solutions available, one of which is a real-time cookie less solution and the other is based on a user’s historical consumption of content and is cookie based.

Apart from our “ready to go” contextual targeting segments, we can make bespoke segments that are custom to your campaign requirements.

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High Impact & Rich Media

Healthy Ads has a range of High Impact and Rich Media creatives that maximize Brand Lift for your next campaign. These eye-catching, large-format ads are ideal for capturing user attention and maximizing engagement.

Just some of the High Impact formats include

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Uncoupled Healthy Data Segments

HealthyAds has a wide range of cookie based, healthy data segments available to programmatic buyers. The audience data is collected from our Propriety Page Tag which is deployed across all Publisher Websites.

Our healthy data segments are available in most DSPs and selected DMPs and can be added to your campaigns in your DSP without running across our own inventory.

Healthy Data Segments can be found here; 

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Let’s Get Started ! 

Let the Healthy Ads team walk you through all the options available to ensure that your Health, Fitness, Pharmaceutical or Medical campaign has the best possible combination of Premium Guaranteed Inventory, First Party Data and Programmatic elements.