Advertiser Objectives

A Global Health Device Company wanted to increase sales and awareness of their home-based health devices / tracking products. The campaign ran in January and February to coincide with potential customers making New Year Health Resolutions such as weight loss for the year ahead. The campaign focused on two of their products for customers to use at home to assist them in their health goals.

  • Promotion of 2 different Health Device Products

  • Target People specifically with Diabetes and High Blood Pressure

  • Drive Brand Awareness & Brand Lift & Increase in Sales

  • 2 Month Campaign using Display Ads across Web and Mobile

  • Achieve a minimum of 70% Viewability (MREC)

Our Solution

Healthy Ads used Realtime Targeting across our own managed publishers supply and audience extension across Diabetes, Heart Disease, Hypertension, Diabetes and Diet Content.

To achieve relevance and scale, Healthy Ads created a few different strategies based on Contextual Targeting relevance such as (Diabetes Audience Segment and Diabetic Website Content) together with our own First Party Data Segment around Diabetes. We also created custom Contextual Segments around their brand names and competitor brands.

From Day One we used Data Science and Machine Learning to predict the Viewability of an individual impression to hit a benchmark of 70% with a target Click Through Rate of 0.15%

The Results

  • 4000 engagements and over 240 conversions/sales during the campaign

  • Our Diabetes First Party Data had the highest CTR of 0.42%

  • Average Time on site for our audience was 5 minutes

  • Diabetes Contextual Targeting generated the highest level of Conversions

  • Successfully reached advertiser’s goal for on audience targeting

  • Exceed client’s expectations in terms of performance and engagement

  • Overall Viewability over a 8-week period = 75.3%


Advertiser : Heath Devices Brand

Category : Health 

Market : USA

Media Types : Display & Mobile

Execution : Managed Services

Client : Brand Direct

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