What Is Cost Per Result?

Cost Per Result, sometimes known as CPR, is a statistic that marketers use to assess the effectiveness of their online advertising campaigns. It’s built right into Facebook Ads and measures cost-effectiveness in relation to the overall budget and results of a campaign.

CPR addresses the cost per specific outcome of an advertising campaign, as its name indicates. Any variety of actions might lead to the intended outcome, although conversions like buying something, subscribing to a newsletter, or installing an app are more common.

Because it enables marketers to compare their ad spending to the amount of conversions they are receiving, CPR is a useful statistic. This helps to optimise ad budget and offers information into whether a campaign is worthwhile to continue.


The two comparable but different measurements are CPR and CPM (Cost Per Mille/Thousand). A more generic statistic called CPM examines the price of an advertisement per 1,000 impressions. Although it doesn’t include particular outcomes or conversions, it might be helpful for assessing an advertisement’s overall performance.

CPR, on the other hand, is completely dedicated to conversions and can provide a more precise assessment of the effectiveness of an advertising effort. Because of this, CPR is frequently more beneficial for performance-based campaigns whose objective is to produce leads or sales.

CPR calculation

The most popular method for determining CPR is to divide the entire cost of an advertising campaign by the quantity of conversions.

Your CPR would be $10, for instance, if you spent $500 on advertisements and produced 50 leads.

By dividing the entire cost of an advertisement by the quantity of clicks, CPR may also be determined. Even though it’s less frequent, this can be helpful for campaigns where clicks are the intended outcome.

The Advantages of Monitoring CPR

Tracking CPR has a multitude of advantages, such as the following.

Improved Ad Spend

The ability to optimise advertising expenditure is one of the key benefits of CPR tracking. Understanding the cost of your advertising per convert will help you modify your strategy to save expenses and boost effectiveness.

increased ROI

Monitoring CPR has the added advantage of enhancing your total ROI. You may modify your budget and objectives by being aware of how much you’re spending on advertisements and how many conversions you’re seeing. This may result in a more effective campaign and a higher return on your investment.

Improved Insights

Monitoring CPR may also provide you useful information about your target market and how they respond to your advertisements. By using this information, you can make your advertising plan more effective and ensure that the proper audiences are being reached.

If you’re managing a digital advertising campaign, you must be familiar with the term “cost per result.” It may be used to optimise ad spend and raise ROI since it compares the amount you spend on advertisements to the volume of conversions you receive. If you aren’t monitoring CPR, you need to start!

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