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Healthy Ads works with a wide range of Medical Advertisers, from Biotech, Healthcare Organisations, Medical Equipment and Devices, Medical Consumables through to Hospitals and Medical Research Institutes. Medical Advertisers campaigns range from general branding and awareness to fundraising and charity events. Every medical branding campaign is different, with different target audiences and different goals.

Most Medical Advertisers work with a dedicated health focused Advertising Agency to run both Direct to Consumer and Physician Advertising campaigns. Most Agency Holding Companies have at least one dedicated Health Advertising Agency, many of which Healthy Ads works with across the globe.

Below are some of the Medical Advertisers we’ve run programmatically over the last 30 Days.

Lifescan Diabetes
Boston Children's Hospital
St Jude Children's Research Hospital
The Mayo Clinic
Johnson & Johnson
United Healthcare

Many Medical Advertisers run very generic targeting like Geo Targeting or Demographic Targeting as they are required to adhere to local medical advertising regulations, such as not targeting individuals with known medical conditions.

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