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One of the fastest growing sectors across Healthy Ads, is Diabetes Advertising and it’s worth noting it has everything to do with the growth of this chronic disease. At any one time, there are many types of diabetes advertising campaigns running from a variety of brands which focus on products, medications and supplements.

The Growth of Chronic Diabetes

Type 2 or adult-onset diabetes is a metabolic disorder that is typically categorized by high blood sugar, resistance to insulin, and impairment of the pancreas.

Diabetes is far from a rare disease. In 2015, over 9.4% of the United States population was found to be living with type 2 diabetes. Nearly 1.25 million American people, including children and adults, were diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2015 as well.

Seniors are at the greatest risk for this disease, too. Over 25% of Americans over the age of 65 years were diagnosed with diabetes in 2015. Diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death in the United States.

Clearly, many consumers with diabetes or who are at risk for diabetes are more inclined to research new products or treatments to improve their symptoms. For diabetes advertising, it’s vital to get your ads to that target audience.

Type 1 vs Type 2 Diabetes in Advertising

There are some products and treatments that are specific to type 1 diabetes and some that are specific to type 2 diabetes. Generally, you will see more advertising aimed at type 2 diabetes.

Most diabetes advertising falls into two categories: Brand awareness or direct to Consumer advertising. Pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers of day-to-day diabetic products want to establish themselves as the leading company for diabetic products and the most recognizable name. When advertising directly to consumers, namely diabetic people, these companies will often use celebrity endorsements to capture attention and promote relatability. It’s also a common trend to make diabetes ad campaigns that focus both on awareness as well as product promotion.

Many ads are aimed towards prediabetes as well, especially ads from education and awareness platforms.

Different Types of Diabetes Advertising

We typically see roughly nine types of diabetes advertisers online:

1. Diabetes organizations
The American Diabetes Association will often advertise information about the prevention of diabetes for awareness.

2. Diabetes medication
Metformin and Rabzeum are two popular treatments.

3. Insulin
Insulin manufacturers will often promote their products online along with new methods of taking insulin.

4. Pharmaceutical companies.
Novo Nordisk is one notable pharmaceutical company that advertises medications for diabetes (among other illnesses such as obesity and hormone disorders) online.

5. Glucose monitoring systems‎
Freestyle Libre is a popular company that advertises new monitoring systems that don’t involve fingersticks.

6. Blood glucose meters
Accu-Chek by Roche is one such meter that is popular among diabetes patients and advertises online.

7. Diabetic foods
Ensure drinks by Abbott are nutritional drinks for dieters and diabetic consumers alike.

8. Clinical trials
Many diabetes patients wish to have better access to new treatments. Trialspark is a clinical trial website that has had many advertising campaigns.

9. Diabetes education
Platforms, non-profit organizations, and blogs that focus on teaching people about diabetes will often advertise their content for the purpose of furthering awareness.

Diabetes Advertising Solutions from Healthy Ads

Diabetes Advertisers seeking to promote diabetes treatments, diabetic products and awareness information have a number of solutions available from Healthy Ads. Some of the Diabetes Advertising Solutions we offer include ;

  • Diabetes Contextual Targeting
  • Diabetes Audience Segments
  • Top Diabetes Websites
  • Diabetes “Friendly” Recipes
  • Protein Based Diet Targeting (such as Keto Diet Targeting or Paleo Diet Targeting)

Diabetes Ads

Below are a sample of some recent Diabetes Ads we’ve seen across Healthy Ads.

Diabetes Advertising / Diabetes Ads - Bayer Contour Next - 300x600
Diabetes Advertising / Diabetes Ads - Humalog Insulin - 300x600
Diabetes Advertising / Diabetes Ads - Accu Check Blood Glucose Meter - 300x600
Diabetes Advertising / Diabetes Ads - Glucerna by Abbott - 300x600
Diabetes Advertising / Diabetes Ads - Freestyle Libre Glucose Monitoring System - 300x600
Diabetes Advertising / Diabetes Ads - Diabetes Forecast Magazine - 300x600
Diabetes Advertising / Diabetes Ads - Genesys Diabetes Learning Center - 300x600
Diabetes Advertising / Diabetes Ads - American Diabetes Association - 300x600
Diabetes Advertising / Diabetes Ads - Tanzeum Diabetes Medication - 300x600

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