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A Comprehensive List of Programmatic Advertising Terms, Definitions and Acronyms

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Programmatic Glossary & Definitions

Confused and struggling with all the programmatic advertising terms, programmatic definitions and all programmatic acronyms that are used every day? To make it easy for you we’ve compiled a comprehensive Programmatic Glossary of the most popular used terms and subtle nuances below to help you navigate the programmatic industry.

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  • Brand Lift
    Brand Lift uses various methodology to gather feedback directly from consumers in real-world settings as a response to an advertising campaign.
  • Cost Per Install
    Cost Per Install (sometimes referred to as CPI) campaigns are specific to mobile apps and the advertiser only pays once the app has been installed (instead of been simply viewed like in other advertising metrics such as CPM).
  • Data Management Platform
    A Data Management Platform is a cloud-based software that collects, stores, sorts and categorizes user data. They are a central data hub for a marketer, storing a company's customer, audience, and marketing data.
  • Daypart
    Daypart Targeting or Dayparting is an ad serving campaign tactic used by advertisers to limit the delivery of a campaign to specific times of the day or specific days of the week to more effectively target an audience.
  • DMP
    A DMP is a cloud-based software technology that collects, stores, sorts and categorizes user data. They should be considered as the central data hub for a marketer, storing a company's customer, audience, and marketing data.
  • Fill Rate
    Fill Rate is Sell Side specific metric which represents the percentage of ads served based on the total number of page impressions available.
  • First Price Auction
    A First Price Auction (sometimes referred to as a First Price Sealed Bid Auction or a Blind Auction) is where bidders submit the highest bid price they are prepared to pay and the highest bidder wins.
  • Insertion Order
    An Insertion Order can best be considered a Purchase Order between the parties. A Insertion Order is usually issued by the Publisher but frequently issues by the Advertiser.
  • Run of Network
    Run of Network (sometimes referred to as “RON”) is the term where an advertising campaign or PMP is applied to the entire network of websites within an Ad Network.
  • Second Price Auction
    A Second Price Auction (sometimes referred to as a Vickrey Auction) is where each bidder submits a bid which is the highest amount they are willing to pay. The highest bidder wins but the price paid is the second-highest bid plus $0.01
  • Sell Through Rate
    Sell Through Rate is a sell side metric which is sourced and calculated from either an Ad Network’s Ad server or a individual publisher ad server and represented as a percentage.
  • Video Completion Rate
    Video Completion Rate is a video advertising metric represented as a percentage. It indicates the number of times that a video plays to the end.