Real-time Advertiser Reporting Dashboard

All advertising clients running campaigns via our Managed Services offering have access to our Real Time Advertiser Reporting Portal. As part of our onboarding process all advertisers are provide login access, prior to the campaign going live.

We know that advertisers need access to real-time performance data, so being able to access how one strategy is performing against another allows you as the advertiser to make informed decisions.

Updated every few minutes with the latest campaign information, you’ll see comprehensive and transparent data regarding all your campaigns running with us.

Advertiser Reporting Dashboard

Advertiser Reporting features;

  • Breakout by Insert Order & Line Items
  • Spend by Line Item by Day

  • Budget vs Current Spend
  • Graphical breakouts by day (Impressions & Clicks)
  • Impressions Served
  • Click Through Rates
  • Conversion Data & Metrics
  • Viewability Rates (IAB)
  • First Party Audience Segments Reporting
  • Reports includes Display, Video, Native Creatives
  • Export to Microsoft Excel

  • Multiple User Logins

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