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Native Advertising Units which are seamlessly integrated into our Publishers Websites

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Native Advertising Solutions

Target Healthy consumers within the content they reading by leveraging a Native Advertising Strategy.

Healthy Ads Native Creative Ad Units are seamlessly integrated into the natural look and feel of the web pages in which they are placed. By matching the visual design of the website experience and function just like natural content they often perform well.

For Managed Services clients we run a wide range of Native Advertising formats across thousands of healthy websites. Many clients are able to utilize the creatives they have used for popular social networking sites.

Native Advertising Solutions
Native Advertising

For our own Managed Publishers we offer a Large Format In-feed Unit which is located within the body content of an article, blog or recipe. The Native Ad Unit features;

  • Large image sized 1200×627

  • Title

  • Description

  • Click Through URL

Click here to see a sample of our Native Ad Unit 

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