Project Description

Reach Consumers with Cholesterol

Globally there are millions of people who are affected by the chronic disease of Cholesterol. Those effected with high or raised levels of cholesterol face significantly increased risk of coronary heart disease and stroke, as well as being linked to peripheral arterial disease, Type 2 diabetes and High blood pressure.

Our Cholesterol Audience Segment is built from users who have specifically searched for and viewed content containing Cholesterol as well as related recipes. We know that people with high levels of Cholesterol search for content around healthy recipes including ingredients such as legumes, avocado, almonds, walnuts, salmon, mackerel, oats, barley, dark chocolate, berries, cocoa, garlic, tea and green vegetables.

We include both “Good Cholesterol” (HDL) and “Bad Cholesterol” (LDL). As such we take the view that they are inferred to have a Cholesterol related health issue (or a family member does) given the content they are viewing.

Our Cholesterol Audience Segment is ideal for companies wanting to reach audiences consuming Cholesterol Content and wanting to engage and influence them. Ideal products to reach this audience are “Statins” which are a class of drug that lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood by reducing the production of cholesterol by the liver.

There are also a range of “over the counter” supplements which can contribute to lowering LDL levels as well as a range of margarine and spreads that are designed to do the same.

Other non-drug products which are somewhat closely related are heart monitors, blood sugar monitors and fitness trackers.

Healthy Ads has a number of Targeting Options Available for targeting people on a Diet;

Cholesterol Contextual Targeting (Realtime)

Our real-time contextual targeting segment reaches people looking at “Cholesterol Content” in Realtime (i.e. your ads would be displayed next to Cholesterol Content).

Cholesterol Segment (Cookie Based)

A cookie based segment, which is a collection of users that have viewed Cholesterol content in the last 90 days. This method creates a large audience and provides scale for your campaign.

Uncoupled Data Segments

Our Cholesterol Audience Segment is also available to be used uncoupled in your own Demand Side Platform (DSP)

Private Marketplace (PMPs) or Deal ID

No matter the targeting option used, our Cholesterol First Party Audience can be used either directly via Guaranteed Insert Order or Programmatically via PMPs or Deals IDs.

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