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Project Description

Healthy Lifestyle Audience Segment

Use our First Party Data Segments to Reach Audiences living a Healthy Lifestyle

Many Consumers are placing more value on Health & Wellness

Living a Healthy Lifestyle doesn’t mean eating only salads or vegetables or spending endless hours of training at the gym. More and more people these days are spending on a holistic approach to health and wellness.

Consumers across all age groups are doing much more than dieting. There is an increasing trend of taking vitamins or health supplements, doing fitness classes and activities that improve well-being; purchasing fitness devices and apps that aid sleep; and eating organic and natural foods.

Healthy Ads has a number of Targeting Options Available for targeting people with a Healthy Lifestyle;

Healthy Lifestyle Contextual Targeting (Realtime)

Our realtime contextual targeting segment reaches people looking at “Health Related Content” in Realtime (i.e. your ads would be displayed next to Healthy Content).

Healthy Lifestyle Segment (Cookie Based)

A cookie based segment, which is a collection of users that have viewed healthy lifestyle content in the last 90 days. This method creates a large audience and provides scale for your campaign.

Uncoupled Data Segments

Our Healthy Lifestyle Segment is also available to be used uncoupled in your own Demand Side Platform (DSP)

Private Marketplace (PMPs) or Deal ID

No matter the targeting option used, our Healthy Lifestyle First Party Audience can be used either directly via Guaranteed Insert Order or Programmatically via PMPs or Deals IDs.

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