What exactly does QPS stand for?

QPS stands for Queries Per Second and is considered the most important metric for describing a server’s capacity/throughput dimension. It refers to the amount of server power available to you.

How do we consider QPS in the context of Real-Time Bidding (RTB) protocols or Programmatic Advertising operations?

In terms of requests, QPS would be quoted on either the buy-side or the sell-side.

Buy-Side QPS

The number of supply-side or seller impressions you can “listen” to at one time on the buy-side within your DSP (Demand Side Platform) is limited by your allowable QPS. A high level of QPS means you can “listen” to a lot, whereas a low level of QPS means you may need to limit which supplies you listen to or even the number of URLs you listen to.

Sell-Side QPS

To maximise yield, you should work with SSPs that use the OpenRTB protocol and have integrations with DSPs that will “listen” to all impressions (very high QPS) running through their system at any given time.

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