Language Targeting 

Healthy Ads offers a wide range of Language Targeting options based on Contextual for Programmatic Advertising Campaigns and Managed Services Campaigns. Our Language Targeting is built leveraging keywords that are central to the targeting option while being broad enough to get scale.

Two types of language targeting:

  1. Users’ Browser Language Targeting
    This option allows you to target users based on the language set in their browser.
  2. Language as per Page Content Targeting
    This option enables you to target users based on the language of the content on the page they are viewing.

Our Language Targeting can be used in various ways, for example, you can use them grouped together or individually depending on your campaign requirements. This provides you with the flexibility to reach your target audience in the most effective way possible.

Health Targeting Categories

Discover a wide range of Health Targeting Categories based on Contextual Targeting for your next Advertising Campaign or Programmatic Deals. Explore our offerings in Medical Conditions, Healthy Lifestyle, Chronic Diseases, Infections, Sports, and General Health to reach your desired audience at scale effectively.

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