German Language Targeting

German advertising refers to marketing efforts that target German Speaking populations of consumers. Advertising to German speaking audiences and targeting ads appropriate requires a couple of guidelines.

But is advertising to such a niche linguistic group (ie people that speak German) worth it in the health and fitness industry? The German language “niche” may be more substantial than you think.

German Language in Digital Advertising

There is a massive volume of German speaking people, nations, countries, and groups in the world. In the United States alone, there is a substantial population of people that are German-speaking consumers.

Top Global German-Speaking Populations

1. Germany- more than 80M speakers.

2. Austria – 8M speakers

3. Switzerland- 4.6M speakers

4. USA- 1.06M speakers

5. Belgium – 75000 speakers

6. Luxembourg – 390.000 speakers

7. Paraguay – 62,700 speakers

United States German-Speaking Populations

1. Wisconsin – 38.42% German Language speakers

2. North Dakota – 38.32% German Language speakers

3. South Dakota – 36.38% German Language speakers

4. Nebraska – 33.03% German Language speakers

5. Iowa – 32.72% German Language speakers

6. Minnesota – 31.88% German Language speakers

7. Kansas – 24.63% German Language speakers

German Targeting in our Ad Server

When it comes to targeting German-speaker consumers with ads, there are two main things to keep in mind:

  • Target people who have “German Language” set in their computer or mobile device, and
  • Target people who are looking at website content that is in German.

If you combine these two targeting methods, you’ll maximize your overall audience reach. When it comes to the latter, in the context of health and fitness marketing, you’ll want to target users who are looking at German language content related to health and fitness.

German Language Targeting with HealthyAds

At Healthy Ads, we offer German Language Targeting in our Ad Server for both Managed services and Programmatic Advertisers. With the recent surge of German health and fitness content, targeting German-speaking health and fitness lovers is easier than ever. This provides an excellent opportunity for health and fitness companies to market their products online through Programmatic Advertising. And Healthy Ads is the best advertising platform to do it. We’ll help you reach them swiftly and effectively. One of the most efficient targeting methods we use is real-time German language targeting, which enables marketers to show ads on German-language health and fitness pages when visitors are actively engaged with the page.

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