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Programmatic Advertising

Learn about our Programmatic Advertising Solutions which
will exceed your Campaign Goals & KPIs

Private Marketplace Deals / PMPs

Healthy Ads offers Agency Trading Desks (ATDs), Demand Side Platforms (DSPs), Retargeters and Brand Advertisers direct access to our Highest quality inventory via a range of Private Marketplace Deals. Ideal for Health, Fitness, Pharmaceutical and Medical brands wanted to reach highly engaged and healthy conscious consumers online.

Private Marketplace based auctions are invite only and consists of predetermined Inventory Pools which give buyers preferred access. Typically, PMPs fall into 3 different categories, Placement, Audience Based or Media Type. Private Marketplace Deals can be setup as Evergreen (no end date) or Campaign Flight based (ie start and stop dates.

Popular Private Marketplace Deals include;

  • High Viewability Placements

  • IAB Rising Star Sizes (300×600 or 970×250)

  • First Party Data (ie Diabetes Segment)

  • Video High Completion Rates

  • Adhesion (Desktop & Mobile)

Benefits of Private Marketplace Deals include;

  • “First Look” or Preferred Access to High Quality Inventory

  • Fixed or Floor based CPMs

  • Layer on your own First Party or Third-Party Data

  • Brand-safe Inventory with URL Transparency

  • Easy to Optimize towards KPIs

  • Precise Targeting

  • Workflow Efficiencies

For information about Private Marketplace Deals, Data Segments and targeting download our Media Kit

Download our Media Kit

Smart Deals

PMPs powered by Data Science & Machine Learning

Smart Deals are a type of PMP that are built using Data Science and Machine Learning within the Appnexus Ad Server, set using specific campaign KPIs in real-time. In the past we’ve used historical data to surface impressions into a Deal, now using Smart Deals it happens automatically in the Ad Server.

Every buyer and every brand have their own programmatic goals and every buyer has a different 3rd Party Verification Measurement Tool. Working with our Ad Serving Partner (Appnexus), Smart Deals provides us as the Seller to set the Buyer’s campaign goals (or evergreen) together following KPIs;

All of these can be set at the integer level, i.e. if a buyer needs exactly 73% Viewability then the deal will only surface impressions that “qualify” to the set %. Then over time the Smart Deals will train up and down to hit the desired Viewability % or completion rate to ensure it hits the predictability goal.

Smart Deals work across all DSPs and requires no changes to current integrations, they are designed to work as is.

Download our Media Kit

Programmatic Guaranteed

Healthy Ads offers buyers the ability lock-in Programmatic Guaranteed on a one-to-one basis with Higher Priority than regular PMPs or Deal IDs.

Programmatic Guaranteed (sometimes referred to as Programmatic Direct) brings together typical Direct IOs buy and Programmatic buying. Advertisers and agencies benefit from access to premium guaranteed inventory (as they do with traditional Insert Orders).

Every Programmatic Guaranteed deal is different, but typically Programmatic Guaranteed allows buyers to lock in any or all of the following;

  • CPM Rate (Fixed or Dynamic)

  • Fixed No. of Impressions

  • Targeting Inventory

  • Daily / Weekly / Month Pacing

To learn more about Programmatic Guaranteed or lock in a deal then contact us.

Download our Media Kit

Open Exchange Marketplace

Healthy Ads offers an Open Exchange Marketplace (via Appnexus ID 1792) allowing programmatic buyers direct access to our inventory via Open Auction which runs behind our PMPs / Deal IDs. Our Open Exchange is pricing model is a 2nd Price Auction.

Open Exchange buying typically suits buyers who tend to only buy standard IAB sizes like 728×90, 300×250, 320×50 or 160×600 and rely on their own data or don’t require any additional targeting in the ad server like Viewability.

With thousands of approved buyers, our Open Exchange Marketplace is highlight competitive and, in some cases, CPMs will be higher than pre-negotiated PMPs or Deals IDs.

We always recommend Open Exchange buyers contact us to make sure that they have our latest Whitelist and are not blocked from either a Buyer or Brand perspective.

Download our Media Kit


For advertisers that prioritize Viewability metrics as a core KPI for campaigns, Healthy Ads offers two Viewability solutions for advertisers, both executed by Private Marketplace Deals / PMPs.

Viewability via Smart Deals
Smart Deals are available for all Programmatic Buyers irrespective of DSP they use and allow you to set an exact % for Display Viewability or Video Viewability. Then over time the Smart Deals will train up and down to hit the desired Viewability % to ensure it hits the required goal. We suggest Viewability % from 50% through to 80% Viewability. We use either the MRC (default) and GroupM Viewability standards as the metric.

Benefits of buying Viewability via Smart Deals

  • Uses Machine Learning & Data Science

  • Based on Algorithm

  • Can be used by any DSP

  • Optimization is easy

  • Double the Average CTR Rate with Increased Attribution due to “View through” Conversions

100% Viewable Impressions / vCPM
vCPM is the pricing model for only buying Viewable Ad impressions and can be bought either on a Programmatic Basis or Directly via Insert Order. Our CPMv option removes the media buying risk and allow you to only pay for impressions deemed 100% in view. Let our algorithm decide which impressions to buy in Realtime.

Benefits of buying on a vCPM Basis;

  • 100% Viewability Rate without the Risk of Arbitrage

  • Double the Average CTR Rate (0.213%) with Increased Attribution due to “View through” Conversions

For more information on Healthy Ads Viewability solutions or to setup a Deal, please Contact Us

Download our Media Kit

Contextual Targeting Solutions

Any successful digital advertising campaign is about reaching the right audience at the right time and one such tool to achieve this is Contextual Targeting.

The process of Contextual Targeting involves only advertising on webpages or content which are contextual relevant to the product you are advertising. An example could be running ads for a Wearable Fitness Tracker on a page which reviews those products.

Healthy Ads has two types of Contextual Targeting Solutions available, one of which is a real-time cookie less solution and the other is based on a user’s historical consumption of content and is cookie based.

Apart from our “ready to go” contextual targeting segments, we can make bespoke segments that are custom to your campaign requirements.

Download our Media Kit

Integrations & Partnerships

Since 2008, our team has built close and deep working partnerships with some of the largest companies in the advertising industry.

Our mission when it comes to partnerships has been to ensure that advertising clients can access our inventory irrespective of their preferred way of working. This in turn provides exceptional monetization for our publishers.

Advertising ID Consortium

Healthy Ads, a Gourmet Ads Pty Ltd Company participates in the Advertising ID Consortium primarily via our integration with Appnexus. Appnexus serves as our primary ad server and SSP. As such 100% of our users are sync’d on daily basis with the Advertising ID Consortium. This is complemented by Prebid integrations with Index Exchange, Adform, and others.

Till the announcement of the Advertising ID Consortium, independent programmatic companies relied on their own cookies and thus had difficulty scaling across the entire ecosystem.

The Advertising ID Consortium solves the issue by having an open and standardized pool for cookie and device IDs. identity framework that adheres to privacy, security, and compliance requirements, industry standards, and best practices.

We believe that having an independent and open pool of cookies helps everyone across the programmatic ecosystem from Advertisers, Demand Side Platforms, Supply Side Platforms, Publishers and ultimately the Consumer.

Companies participating include Appnexus, The Trade Desk, LiveRamp, Index, Adform, MediaMath, Amobee, DataXu, IgnitionOne, Numberly, OpenX and Sizmek to name a few.

Download our Media Kit

Uncoupled Healthy Data Segments

Healthy Ads has a wide range of cookie based, healthy data segments available to programmatic buyers. The audience data is collected from our Propriety Page Tag which is deployed across all Publisher Websites.

Our healthy data segments are available in most DSPs and selected DMPs and can be added to your campaigns in your DSP without running across our own inventory.

Healthy Data Segments can be found here; 

Browse First Party Data Segments

Integrated Demand Side Platforms (DSPs)

For programmatic enabled Brands with In-house Trading Teams, Agency Trading Desks, Retargeters or Independent Traders, Healthy Ads is built upon Appnexus tech stack and fully integrated programmatically with the following Demand Side Platforms enabling streamlined, transparent connections between advertisers and consumers.

Doubleclick Bid Manager
BidSwitch DSP by IPONWEB
Basis by Centro
Adobe Marketing Cloud
The Trade Desk
BrightRoll DSP by Yahoo
Delta Projects
Amazon Advertising Platform
AdRoll Retargeting

Let’s Get Started ! 

Let the Healthy Ads team walk you through all the options available to ensure that your Health, Fitness, Pharmaceutical or Medical campaign has the best possible combination of Premium Guaranteed Inventory, First Party Data and Programmatic elements.