What is Xandr?

Microsoft’s business unit Xandr runs a global marketplace for high-end advertising. With Xandr Invest and Xandr Monetize, Xandr’s data-enabled technology platform maximizes return on investment for both buyers and sellers. Microsoft has been utilizing data and technology to educate and enhance the customer experience since 1975.

Microsoft and Xandr partnered to speed up the delivery of retail media and digital advertising solutions. Microsoft can accelerate the supply of digital advertising solutions for the open web by combining its understanding of its audience, technology, and international clientele with Xandr’s extensive, data-driven advertising platforms. The name Xandr is a tribute to its previous partner (AT & T) cofounder Alexander Graham Bell.

Healthy Ads & Xandr

Xandr is a key partner of Healthy Ads. We use Xandr’s Invest DSP for all programmatic media buying and data. In addition, we also use Xandr’s Monetize SSP as our primary Supply Side Platform / Sell Side and Ad Server, and as such is the preferred way to execute all types of programmatic.

Xandr History

AT&T completed the acquisition of Appnexus in 2018 and then changed its name to Xandr. Xandr was introduced on September 25, 2018, during the first AT&T Relevance Conference in Santa Barbara, California, and was given this name in honor of the founder of its parent corporation, AT&T. In order to serve as its primary ad-buying hub, Xandr rebranded its Appnexus DSP in June 2019 and introduced Xandr Invest. Microsoft successfully acquired Xandr on June 6, 2022, for around $1 billion USD, in order to strengthen its advertising and retail media company.

Xandr Invest DSP 

Through an effective integrated platform design, identity-centric CTV and digital video buying, and intelligent data solutions, all supported by the platform developed for the future of advertising, Xandr Invest DSP maximizes buyers’ digital investments. In order to help marketers and advertising agencies plan, carry out, and learn from their media campaigns, Xandr Invest was created as a strategic buying platform. With its machine-learning optimization engine and simplified user interface, Xandr Invest offers improved efficiency to defined marketing goals while allowing customers to shift attention to more complex strategies to obtain distinctive results.

Xandr Monetize

A strategic selling platform called Xandr Monetize has comprehensive inventory management controls, exclusive data, and specialized buyer demand. Media firms may maximize the value of their inventory and enhance the user experience for their customers with the help of Xandr Monetize.

Integrated Demand Side Platforms (DSPs)

For programmatic enabled Brands with In-house Trading Teams, Agency Trading Desks, Retargeters or Independent Traders, Healthy Ads is built upon Appnexus tech stack and fully integrated programmatically with the following Demand Side Platforms enabling streamlined, transparent connections between advertisers and consumers.

Beeswax DSP
Doubleclick Bid Manager
BidSwitch DSP by IPONWEB
Basis by Centro
Adobe Marketing Cloud
The Trade Desk
BrightRoll DSP by Yahoo
Delta Projects
Amazon Advertising Platform
AdRoll Retargeting

Let’s Get Started ! 

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