Healthy Ads

Healthy Ads was founded in 2012 to offer Health, Fitness, Pharmaceutical and Medical brands the ability reach highly engaged and healthy conscious consumers online. It was born by a passionate health food blogger who wanted to monetize their blog, whilst controlling the quality of advertisers, For example, “No Junk Food!”

Since then, Healthy Ads was acquired by Gourmet Ads in 2016 and has grown to one of the largest health focused audiences in world offering a range of targetable health based audiences at scale either on a direct / guaranteed basis or programmatically via PMPs or Deal IDs.

Our publishing team directly manages hundreds of quality health based publishers using our own proprietary ad serving technology, whilst being integrated on Appnexus infrastructure. We can complement our audiences with the major health foods sites on the internet though custom campaigns.

With Operations in both the United States and Australia, Healthy Ads offers a global perspective, allow brands to target audiences wherever they are around the world.

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Our Clients

Healthy Ads clients range from Brands and their Advertising Agencies, through to Agency Trading Desks and other Independent Trading Desks. All clients have the same requirement, they want to reach a Healthy Audience of consumers online.

Some clients we work directly via Guaranteed Insert Order, whilst others we are connected Programmatically via their DSP and we trade via PMPs or Deals IDs.

Irrespective of how you’d like to work with us, we’ll develop a custom solution to suit your requirements and goals.

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A Tech Stack Like No Other

Unlike our competitors, we’ve developed our own Tech Stack which manages the Healthy Ads business.

Included in the Tech Stack is our own proprietary Page Tags which are deployed on every publisher website. Not only does this provide direct access to 100% of Publisher’s Inventory and it also allows us to build scalable solutions for both Advertisers and Publishers. A good example is providing First Party Data options for clients looking to access our unique audience segments.

Leveraging off Appnexus Infrastructure for Core Ad Serving, our tech stack allows for Direct Campaigns, Programmatic operations, both Server 2 Server and Client-Side Header Bidding as well as integrations with most Server-Side Platforms. This allows us to provide access to our inventory irrespective of a client’s preferred way of working.

Integrations & Partnerships

Over the years, our team has built close and deep working partnerships with some of the largest companies in the advertising industry.

Our mission when it comes to partnerships has been to ensure that advertising clients can access our inventory irrespective of their preferred way of working. This in turn provides exceptional monetization for our publishers.

Why Healthy Ads ?

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Healthy Ads Team

BENJAMIN CHRISTIEPresident & Founder
CAROLINE KATZDirector of Publisher Development
JOHN KEELEYProgrammatic Analyst
BRENT THOMASSenior Software Engineer
KRYSTLE SMITHPublisher Support Guru
ANDISON FLORESGlobal Ad Operations
JENNIFER COCHRANPublisher Account Manager
Olivia Mogul
Olivia MogulProgrammatic Account Coordinator
BRITTANY RICHARDSONPublishing Coordinator

Let’s Get Started ! 

Let the Healthy Ads team walk you through all the options available to ensure that your Health, Fitness, Pharmaceutical or Medical campaign has the best possible combination of Premium Guaranteed Inventory, First Party Data and Programmatic elements.