Open Exchange

Healthy Ads offers an Open Exchange Marketplace (via Appnexus Member ID 1792) allowing programmatic buyers direct access to our inventory via Open Auction which runs behind our PMPs / Deal IDs. Our Open Exchange in Appnexus is pricing model is a 2nd Price Auction.

Open Exchange buying typically suits buyers who tend to only buy standard IAB sizes like 728×90, 300×250, 320×50 or 160×600 and rely on their own data or don’t require any additional targeting in the ad server like Viewability.

Open Exchange Appnexus
Open Exchange Programmatic

With thousands of approved buyers, our Open Exchange Marketplace is highlight competitive and, in some cases, CPMs will be higher than pre-negotiated PMPs or Deals IDs.

We always recommend Open Exchange buyers contact us to make sure that they have our latest Whitelist and are not blocked from either a Buyer or Brand perspective.

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