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Dental Marketing

Dental marketing is a very particular niche that requires some special campaign planning. It’s not quite as simple as throwing out a broad net and hoping that someone with dental needs will bite (no pun intended.) Dental marketing should be approached with targeted advertising in mind.

Let’s take a look at some dental marketing ideas you can use to get more patients.

As we mentioned in the introduction, horizontal advertising (or a “wide reach” approach to advertising) simply does not work very well. Vertical Advertising, (or a “highly targeted” approach to advertising) seeks out specific demographics that may be interested in dental work.

Some other marketing ideas for dental care include:

  • Establishing a customer profile. Really think about who you are targeting with your campaign. Does your dental practice offer specific niche services or just general services? Do you mostly work with high-profile clientele or average consumers?
  • Setting goals. Think about how many new patients you want and set a realistic number for yourself.
  • Test different approaches. Marketing is definitely a trial and error process. Is programmatic targeting ads bringing in actual conversions? Is email marketing working as well as you had hoped? Experiment with different forms of digital marketing– but always have a highly targeted approach to reach specific customers.
  • Establish an online presence. Create social media accounts and share relevant content often. Consider using Facebook Messenger to answer important questions from potential clients.

Prospecting Campaign for Patients

Targeting specific dental content makes it possible for the right ads to be viewed by the right people, namely consumers who are suffering from some kind of dental ailment and are looking for information on treatment.

Blogs or medical articles that break down the symptoms and treatments for tooth pain, wisdom teeth, root canals, braces, and other dental ailments are prime real estate for dentists to advertise. It all comes down to relevance and being present at the right place at the right time.

Retargeting Campaign

People that visit your website and haven’t booked an appointment are far from lost causes. In fact, such leads provide an excellent opportunity to retarget your advertising campaign.

The goal here is to keep your practice as the top choice for people who have shown an interest in your particular dental services. Then, retarget ads that reach this group of people to reestablish interest. This can be done with coupon codes or dental care deals. In most cases, retargeting works best when used along with inbound and outbound marketing. Multiple strategies can definitely work together for one big cohesive marketing plan.

Gain More Dental Patients Through Healthy Ads

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