Dental Advertising

Advertising dental products or services may seem a bit difficult, especially because very niche groups of potential clients need to be targeted. With a little bit of guidance, dental advertising through Healthy Ads can be extremely easy and rewarding.


What is Dental Advertising?

Dental Advertising is an aspect of dental marketing that involves crafting ad campaigns for dentists and dental brands. Businesses or individuals that could benefit from dental advertising include dentists, dental firms, dentistry schools, manufacturers of dental implants, etc.

Dental advertising should involve a highly targeted approach. Simply launching an ad campaign with very general keywords to a massively broad audience will result in a lot of wasted impressions. Rather, dental advertising should involve targeting extremely specific people. In particular, those who are in need of specific dental procedures or products should be targeted in dental advertising.

Dental Advertising Ideas

Sink your chompers into some of these excellent dental advertising ideas!

  • Focus on building a social media presence with your local community, especially if you work as a dentist in a specific geographical area.

  • Get connected with your community via locally targeted advertisements and social media posts.

  • Tailor your local SEO to focus on essential specific dental terms along with the cities and zip codes you operate within.

  • Design a website that is information, extremely easy to navigate, and serves as a hub for new clients to sign up for more information or to book an appointment.

  • Invest in marketing content such as blog posts or articles to further your reach. Your content should be very relevant to your services and products. Pretty much everything posts on your website or blog should involve dentistry. For example, a great idea for blog content to use as a marketing material could be an article on the top ten reasons why the average person needs to go to the dentist every six months.

  • Invest in automation tools that will send out appointment reminds in the form of emails, texts, or automated phone calls. This is a great way to build rapport with your dentist and remind them of their semi-annual appointment.

  • Consider remarketing to connect with consumers you’ve already built a relationship with. For example, remarketing can be used to connect with prospective patients who looked at your website but did not fully convert. Remarketing can also be used to remind a one-time client that it’s time for a checkup or cleaning.


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