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Top 10 Health Websites

Healthy Ads works with a wide range of Health Websites in various ways from managing their entire inventory, we work with other health websites via our Curated Supply and we buy other Health Websites programmatically for advertisers. The internet is full of top-notch websites that are excellent publishers for health advertisers to partner with, especially in the health, medical, and wellness niches.

So why these Health Websites? 

These are key health websites that not only are super relevant for Health Advertisers, but they essentially have two main assets. They are contextually relevant and have relevant and in-market audiences. It’s why we include these health websites with hundreds of others for health campaigns.

Check out our list of top health websites below!

Top 10 Health Websites


It’s no surprise that WebMD makes the top of our list of health websites. This platform offers extremely useful health information and tools for those who may be doing their own research. WebMD also boasts highly credible information. WebMD receives an astounding 19 million visitors each month, a majority of which are based in the United States.

Another great health website, is the go-to place for consumers to learn as much as possible about the benefits, side effects, and costs of various types of medication. It’s the most-used medicine information platform online, and the aim of the platform is to become the web’s most trustworthy platform for consumers to research potential drugs as treatments. Each page on this platform is objective and up to date, making it beneficial to both physicians and consumers alike. Currently, the portal offers information on over 24,000 prescription drugs and receives an average of six million visitors per month.

Men’s Health

This men’s health online magazine is a hotspot for everything related to men’s physical and mental wellbeing. This platform is great for news articles and think pieces related to fitness, wellness, sexual health, and medical technology. Men’s Health receives around 118 million page views each month, making it an excellent platform to advertise health and wellness products.


Another popular platform for those who want to research medical and health information, Mayo Clinic boasts thousands of doctors, scientists, and medical researchers that contribute to the platform. A well-loved non-profit medical center, MayoClinic shares many of its physicians’ and researchers’ findings on the platform. It’s an excellent source of information for patients as well as researchers who want to find studies to look into. MayoClinic’s website receives around seven million visits per month on average.


The goal of Healthline is to be a very trustworthy ally in consumers’ journey towards better health and overall well-being. This website is a great place to find accurate medical information, as well as health advice for consumers. is a major digital marketing platform for pharmaceutical and healthcare brands that want to communicate with consumers and physicians alike through magazine-style articles. It’s a hotspot for up-to-date news and relatable articles, but it’s also a great way for consumers and physicians to connect with one another as well.


HealthGrades is fairly different from the other platform we’ve covered. Instead of operating as a source for medical information or social networking, this platform is used by consumers to look up information about their potential doctors, specialists, and hospitals. Users can look at a variety of information involving a particular doctor, right down to a star grade that rates them according to things like overall help, office staff, cleanliness, bedside manner, cost, etc.


MedScape is a great international website for healthcare professionals around the globe. They offer the newest medical news and perspectives from experts in a variety of fields. For those who need to discover drug and disease information quickly and with excellent accuracy, MedScape is a great place to discover professional education.


Similar to HealthGrades, Rate MDs is an excellent platform for finding trustworthy reviews of doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, and virtually any other professional in the healthcare field. Users can also leave reviews of healthcare facilities. This platform is quite convenient, as users can sort reviews by specialty, city, or physician name. The platform currently has over 2 million physician reviews and millions of viewers each month.

While RateMds and Healthgrades are similar to, there is one major difference. This platform is more of a place for doctors to attract new patients and improve on one’s reputation as a physician. Many doctors and practices will use to create doctor profiles for this purpose. Many will also place ads for their practices on the platform.