Call to Action Examples Health Advertisers Need

A Display Advertising Campaign won’t work if nobody engages or clicks on the Creative. This is an undeniable truth in the realm of health-focused promotional strategies. Success in this area heavily depends on a definitive and compelling Call to Action (CTA). Prospective clients need clear instructions on fully exploiting the benefits of your health products and services. Without this, they may swiftly divert their attention to other alternatives.

For the campaign to truly resonate, it’s crucial to include Call to Action examples that every Medical, Wellness, Pharmaceutical, and Health brand advertiser should know when running digital advertising campaigns. With these in place, your campaign’s chances of success increase significantly.

The good news is, crafting an effective Call to Action isn’t a complex endeavor. Let’s delve into the essence of a Call to Action, its significant role, and how unique examples can set your health-oriented campaign apart from the competition.

What Is a Call to Action (CTA) in Health Advertising?

A Call to Action, often abbreviated as CTA, serves as a concise and directive statement within the health-related advertising material, guiding visitors towards relevant content or forms. It acts as a strategic tool to provide potential health-conscious customers with crystal clear instructions on their subsequent steps after visiting a health-focused website.

For instance, consider a Health and Wellness website advertising a product, such as an organic vitamin supplement. The Call to Action embedded within the Advertising Creative could be “Purchase Now” or “Add to Basket.”

Why is a CTA so Essential in Health Advertising?

Unfortunately, many businesses neglect the importance of crafting a fitting Call to Action, perhaps because they believe their potential customers can “navigate on their own” or view CTAs as overly aggressive and off-putting.

Every business with advertising campaigns running should incorporate multiple Calls to Action. Making the journey towards the end goal more straightforward reduces the workload for potential customers. If your site’s design makes accessing your product page or sign-up page a chore, your potential customers may lose patience and navigate away.

User-friendliness is a pivotal factor in selling health products or services online. Customers are encouraged to buy and use specific health products through clever advertising tactics. There are numerous top health blogs each with its own approach and focus. These strategies could make the product more appealing through striking visuals, catchy taglines, and persuasive language. A Call to Action ensures a more user-friendly experience for your potential health-focused customers.

Call to Action Examples

These proven Call to Action examples can be tailored by you to become something distinctively unique. Bear in mind that your Call to Action should be exceptionally straightforward and direct, especially when targeting a health-conscious audience.

1. Ask your Doctor / Talk to your Doctor

300x250 - Llivalo - Ask your Doctor - Call to Action  300x250 - Nucala - Ask your Doctor - Call to Action  300x250 - Shingrix - Ask your Doctor - Call to Action

When it comes to health-oriented campaigns, the Call to Action “Ask Your Doctor” or “Talk to Your Doctor” plays an incredibly significant role. It is not only a directive but an invitation to conversation, a bridge to connect potential customers with professional advice specific to their health concerns. This Call to Action prompts individuals to take an active role in their health management by seeking expert counsel.

Tailored to health and wellness industries, such a Call to Action encourages informed decision-making and promotes a proactive health culture. It subtly positions your product or service as something to be discussed with a healthcare professional, adding a layer of credibility and seriousness to your offering. In the vast landscape of health and wellness, a Call to Action like “Ask Your Doctor” or “Talk to Your Doctor” can be an effective strategy to ensure your audience engages meaningfully with your product or service.

In some cases, a more specific approach can be taken with the Call to Action, particularly in pharmaceutical advertising. The phrasing “Ask Your Doctor if [Drug Name] is Right for You” is commonly used. This Call to Action not only encourages the potential customer to consult their doctor, but it also introduces a particular drug or treatment, thereby generating interest and curiosity.

This strategy serves dual purposes. Firstly, it promotes the product directly by suggesting that the potential customer should consider whether it is suitable for them. Secondly, it retains the consultative nature of health-oriented CTAs by reinforcing the importance of professional medical advice. A Call to Action like “Ask Your Doctor if [Drug Name] is Right for You” can be an effective tool to drive engagement while emphasizing responsible health practices.

2. Free Trial / Free Sample / Order Samples 

300x250 - Zyrtec - Free Samples - Call to Action  300x250 - Claritin - Free Samples - Call to Action  300x250 - Cialis - Free Trial - Call to Action

In the digital health advertising landscape, the power of a compelling “Call to Action” cannot be understated. This direct instruction to the audience, whether it’s to “Start a Free Trial,” “Get Your Free Sample,” or “Order Samples,” is an essential tool that invites potential customers to actively engage with your brand. But not just any “Call to Action” will do—the most effective ones are crafted with precision, creativity, and a deep understanding of your audience.

Free Trial – Call to Action 

A compelling “Free Trial” Call to Action often forms the heart of our health advertising campaigns. It’s not just about offering free access—it’s about creating a sense of urgency and excitement that propels potential customers to take immediate action. For instance, a “Free Trial” Call to Action like “Start Your Journey to Better Health—Free Trial Inside” speaks directly to your audience’s desire for wellness and offers a clear path forward.

Free Sample – Call to Action 

The “Free Sample” Call to Action works similarly, although the key here is to emphasize the no-risk aspect of the offer. Potential customers should feel that they have nothing to lose and everything to gain. A Call to Action such as “Claim Your Free Sample and Feel the Difference Today” underlines both the immediate benefit and the zero-risk factor, motivating the audience to act.

Order Samples – Call to Action

“Order Samples” is another effective Call to Action, which can be especially useful in the health industry, where customers often appreciate trying out a product before committing. Phrasing it like, “Order Samples—Experience the Power of Good Health,” highlights the benefit of the product, igniting curiosity and prompting action.

3. Get Relief / Relive Pain

300x250 - Prilosec - Get Relief - Call to Action 300x250 - Flonase - Get Relief - Call to Action 300x250 - Thermacare - Relieve Pain - Call to Action

“Get Relief / Relieve Pain” is a compelling and effective Call to Action in the health and wellness industry, particularly for businesses promoting over-the-counter solutions like allergy medications, paracetamol, ibuprofen, and anti-inflammatory drugs. This Call to Action directly appeals to a core desire of potential customers: to find immediate relief and escape from discomfort or pain.

By using the direct command “Get Relief,” the Call to Action motivates action by tapping into the primal instinct for self-preservation and wellness. It suggests that relief from pain or discomfort is not just possible, but readily available. The powerful imagery behind the concept of relief can also evoke a deep emotional response, establishing a connection with potential customers that drives conversion rates.

“Relieve Pain,” on the other hand, emphasizes the final result or benefit a customer can expect from using your products. This Call to Action works by creating a clear and compelling image of the end goal – a life free from the debilitating effects of pain. It encourages potential customers to imagine a future where their pain is alleviated, helping them visualize the value of your offerings.

Moreover, both of these Call to Actions use active, powerful language to instill a sense of urgency and immediacy. By promoting the idea that relief is available now, the audience is encouraged to take immediate action.

4. Save Now

300x250 - Unisom - Save Now - Call to Action 300x250 - Tums - Save Now - Call to Action 300x250 - Benadryl - Save Now - Call to Action

“Save Now” is a Call to Action that speaks directly to one of the deepest human instincts – the desire for instant gratification coupled with the fear of losing a good opportunity. In the context of health and wellness, this can translate to users eagerly taking action to improve their well-being while also availing a beneficial offer. The immediacy of the phrase “Save Now” impels visitors to act swiftly, harnessing the powerful fear of missing out.

When it comes to applying the “Save Now” Call to Action, it can be utilized to encourage consumers to take advantage of discounts on health products, promotions for fitness programs, or offers on wellness services. It creates a sense of urgency that drives consumer behavior. As we know, health is an area where consumers are more likely to invest when they perceive immediate benefits or savings, and “Save Now” capitalizes on this understanding.

But the effectiveness of this Call to Action is not solely about the wording. It also relies on visual design elements and strategic placement. A button with contrasting colors, bold text, and strategically positioned at the end of a persuasive piece of content can make “Save Now” even more compelling.

5. Shop Now 

300x250 - Panadol - Shop Now - Call to Action 300x250 - Oral B - Shop Now - Call to Action 300x250 - Berroca - Shop Now - Call to Action

The “Shop Now” Call to Action strikes a perfect balance between assertiveness and subtlety. It doesn’t just suggest, it instructs, making it an irresistible prompt for those wavering on the edge of a purchase decision. It’s direct, clear, and unambiguous, leaving no room for confusion. It effectively addresses the ultimate question every consumer subconsciously asks: “What should I do next?”

Despite its simplicity, the “Shop Now” Call to Action is a powerhouse when it comes to driving conversions. Its strength lies in its ability to invoke immediate responses, fostering a sense of urgency that can be hard to resist. It urges customers to act now, creating a psychological trigger that propels them towards making a purchase.

Furthermore, the “Shop Now” Call to Action is a versatile tool, fitting seamlessly into a wide range of advertising contexts. Whether it’s the latest superfood supplement, a new fitness gear launch, or an irresistible sale on wellness products, “Shop Now” has the persuasive power to stimulate purchases.

6. Buy Now 

300x250 - Advil PM - Buy Now - Call to Action 300x250 - Pepto - Buy Now - Call to Action 300x250 - Volatren - Buy Now - Call to Action

The “Buy Now” Call to Action, a potent digital marketing strategy, provides an immediate and direct invitation for potential customers to make a purchase. It streamlines the process, making it easier for consumers to navigate through their decision-making journey.

A well-implemented “Buy Now” Call to Action is unambiguous, leaving no room for confusion. It is not just a button or a hyperlink; it’s a clear beacon guiding potential customers towards a specific course of action – the act of purchasing a product or service.

The strength of the “Buy Now” Call to Action lies in its ability to create a sense of urgency and immediacy. This can dramatically enhance conversion rates by stimulating impulsive buying behavior. That said, it’s crucial that marketers use this Call to Action responsibly, ensuring the products or services being promoted align with the customers’ interests and needs.

Healthy Ads recognizes the significant role the “Buy Now” Call to Action plays in digital marketing. We are committed to developing and perfecting our Call to Action strategies, including the ‘Buy Now’ technique. It is this dedication to continual learning and improvement that sets us apart, confirming our position as an authority on Call to Action strategy.

7. Learn More 

300x250 - Ozempic - Learn More - Call to Action 300x250 - Jardiance - Learn More - Call to Action 300x250 - Humulin - Learn More - Call to Action

In essence, a Call to Action is a strategic, compelling message designed to incite an immediate response. For the health sector, this could mean anything from “Book a Consultation Now” to “Download Your Free Health Guide”. With every Call to Action, the goal is to offer clear, concise instructions that inspire the desired action, cultivating a path towards improved health outcomes and wellness.

However, the process of creating an effective Call to Action is both an art and a science. It necessitates a deep understanding of your audience, a clear view of your objectives, and a strong handle on persuasive language. Striking the right tone, conveying urgency without pressure, and providing valuable incentives are the key principles to consider while crafting a successful Call to Action.

At Healthy Ads, we are not just advertisers, but proficient navigators of the Call to Action landscape. We possess the skills, experience, and insight to help your health brand harness the power of the Call to Action, transforming passive browsers into active contributors to their health journey. We have an impressive track record of designing successful Calls to Action that enhance customer engagement, increase conversions, and promote healthier lifestyles.