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Health Insurance Ads

If you are a health insurance provider, you know quite well how particular your advertising campaign needs to be.

Not everyone needs health insurance. Many people have health insurance through their jobs or through their local or federal government. If you’re a private health insurance provider, you need to target a specific niche of potential customers.

Ready to learn more about how you can advertise your Health Insurance services and drive leads? Let’s take a look.

Outline of Health Insurance Ads

Depending on your niche, your health insurance services probably vary from other providers. Regardless, there are a few key requirements that all health insurance providers should include in their advertising:

  • Your different types of plans and their price points.
  • An angle that sets you apart from other private health insurance providers.
  • Simple and clean imagery.
  • An emotional appeal to help establish trust with consumers and solidify your brand presence.
  • Income targeting that seeks out your specific demographics. Keep in mind that people who are seeking out private insurance can likely afford high premiums and costs. (More on that in the next section.)
  • Ad creative that is inspired by demographic data and research.

Basic tactics of Health Insurance Ads

To get quality leads, you need to take a targeted approach. Like we mentioned before, a broad or general ad campaign won’t work because not everyone needs health insurance. You need to find your target market during vulnerable moments where they are searching for health insurance providers.

So where exactly are they? To start, consider placing your ads on a search engine page for very relevant keywords that involve finding private health insurance. Many people like to read blogs or articles that feature a compilation of popular companies or outline what health insurance usually includes. Take advantage of both of these scenarios. For compilation articles, try to get your company included as a native ad in those lists. Also consider placing video, banner, or display ads on blog pages that describe what health insurance is or answer common questions about health insurance. The idea is to get as close as possible to your potential customers through pages they are actually reading when they want to purchase health insurance.

Who do Health Insurance Ads typically target?

Health insurance ads, to put it simply, target people who need health insurance. More importantly, health insurance ads target people who need private health insurance from your company. This is a relatively small margin of potential customers– they must be in need of insurance but cannot get it through their job or through state or federal governments. Usually, these types of people are entrepreneurs or business owners that have enough money to pay outright for health insurance– but they won’t do so without researching private health insurance companies first. This is why you need to advertise your company on pages that provide valuable information to health insurance seekers.

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