French Language Targeting

French-language advertising refers to marketing techniques focused on French-speaking consumer demographics. Certain standards must be followed when customizing advertisements to French-speaking populations and effectively targeting ads.

Is advertising to this specific language group (people who speak French) worthwhile in the health and fitness industry? The French language’s “niche” may be more essential than you believe.

French Language in Digital Advertising

There are many French-speaking individuals, nations, countries, and groups all throughout the world. Even in the United States, there is a significant population of consumers who speak French.

Top Global French-Speaking Populations

  1. France – more than 60M speakers.
  2. Democratic Republic of Congo – Over 32M speakers
  3. Canada – around 8M speakers
  4. Madagascar – over 18M speakers
  5. Cameroon – nearly 8M speakers
  6. Belgium – about 4M speakers
  7. Switzerland – 1.8M speakers

United States French-Speaking Populations

  1. Louisiana – Around 5% French Language speakers
  2. Maine – Approximately 5% French Language speakers
  3. Vermont – Roughly 4.5% French Language speakers
  4. New Hampshire – Close to 4.5% French Language speakers
  5. Massachusetts – About 4% French Language speakers
  6. Rhode Island – Near 3.8% French Language speakers
  7. Connecticut – Around 3% French Language speakers

French Targeting in our Ad Server

There are two major methods to consider when advertising to French-speaking consumers:

  • Individuals who have “French Language” enabled on their computer or mobile device should be targeted.
  • People who are browsing French-language website material should be targeted.

By combining these two targeting methods, you will maximize your overall audience reach. In terms of the latter, in the context of health and fitness marketing, you’ll want to target customers who are looking at French language content related to health and fitness.

French Language Targeting with HealthyAds

Healthy Ads provides French Language Targeting in our Ad Server for both Managed Services and Programmatic Advertisers. With the recent surge of French health and fitness content, targeting French-speaking health and fitness lovers is easier than ever. This provides an excellent opportunity for health and fitness companies to market their products online through Programmatic Advertising. And Healthy Ads is the best advertising platform for this. When and wherever French-speaking health and fitness enthusiasts are looking for your products, we’ll help you reach them swiftly and effectively. One of the most efficient targeting methods we use is real-time French language targeting, which enables marketers to show ads on French-language health and fitness pages when visitors are actively interacting with the page.

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