OpenRTB is a Real-Time Bidding (RTB) platform and protocol used in the process of digital internet advertising. Real-time bidding is a technique of transacting media in which a single ad impression may be bid on in real-time. This is accomplished using a programmed auction, similar to how financial markets operate. RTB enables targeted advertising, or the ability to deliver adverts directly to consumers and potential customers depending on a variety of criteria such as demographics, behaviours, purchasing history, and so on.

OpenRTB has been active since 2010 and is a fantastic resource for marketers and authors. The primary goal of the protocol is to foster growth in the RTB advertising business by supporting open industry standards. These industry standards are aimed at increasing communication between marketplace buyers and sellers of advertising and merchandise. OpenRTB was created as an open-source protocol in collaboration with a wide number of supply-side and demand-side platforms.

Since its beginnings, OpenRTB has seen several upgrades and enhancements. OpenRTB has upgraded its protocols to be more trustworthy in the programmatic advertising industry in order to meet the market’s ever-increasing demand for better security and transparency.

In the United States and throughout the world, programmatic advertising has emerged as a prominent player in digital advertising. As a result, RTB-ready devices employ the OpenRTB protocol for increased efficiency and extra capabilities. To mention a few, these perks include quick access to ad space, a higher yield on inventory, and data monetization opportunities. These qualities offer several advantages as well. Ad buyers and sellers may save money on maintenance, shorten time to market, and switch platforms without incurring large upfront integration fees. OpenRTB solutions may benefit brands, agencies, and AdTech and MarTech providers alike.

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