What is Endemic Advertising ?

Endemic advertising is an advertising and marketing term that refers to ad placement that’s natural to a market, sometimes referred to Vertical Advertising. The ads in endemic advertising contextually belong to the markets and sites they’re placed on.

For us at Healthy Ads, endemic advertising is placing ads for fitness, medical, wellness, pharmaceutical and health products on sites that attract the same audience to make the most of targeting and each impression.

Endemic advertising narrowly focuses on the target audience. For example, endemic advertising of fitness products wouldn’t follow the same methodology of demographic advertising. Instead of targeting audience members who are male or female, or separating them according to different age groups, endemic advertising separates audience segments based on traits, interests, likes, dislikes, and similar factors.

The main benefits of endemic advertising for publishers is an increased conversion rate as endemic ads speak directly to customers interested in the advertised products. This allows for more personalization. Publishers can also benefit from catering to a specific niche and having advertisers approach them.

Endemic is a cost-effective online advertising approach for businesses with specific audiences.  While endemic advertising typically has a more limited reach than demographic advertising, it has higher success rates due to the ad’s connection to the target audience’s specific interests.

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