Advertiser Objectives

The advertiser is a national food brand specializing in the manufacturing and delivering preprepared vegetarian, keto and protein meals for consumers.

For this advertising campaign they requested a number of goals;

  1. Increase sales of their healthy meal plans.

  2. Diversify their prospecting advertising campaigns away from social platforms as they had recently found that social was no longer as effective.

  3. Retarget possible consumers that had not converted in the last 7 days.

The advertiser shared with us that they had seen recently a direct correlation between time on site and conversions, so they suggested we optimize towards time of site.

Our Solution

The Healthy Ads team developed a comprehensive media plan to address all the advertisers objectives. The main line items on the media plan were ;

  1. Vegetarian Recipe Contextual Target and Vegetarian Recipes First Party Audience Segments

  2. Diet Recipes Contextual Targeting

  3. Keto Recipes Contextual Targeting

  4. Healthy Recipes Contextual Targeting and Healthy First Party Audience Segments

  5. Custom Domain List (ie the Advertisers wish list of domains where they wanted to appear)

  6. Retargeting via our Universal Pixel allowing us to only retarget people that had added to the cart but not converted.

From Day One we used Data Science and Machine Learning to predict the Viewability of an individual impression to hit a benchmark of 70% with a target Click Through Rate of 0.10%

To optimize towards a higher “Average Time on Site” we set developed a process to monitor and react to this during the campaign flight.

The Results

  • The advertiser’s campaign ran for 38 days at the beginning of Q4 and only used static Display Ads across Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Web.

  • We manually optimized the campaigns towards conversions and generated 173 conversions which were evenly spread across both the Prospecting and Retargeting Line Items.

  • While the CTR rate was higher on Mobile Devices, Conversions were higher on Desktop.

  • Visitors generated by our campaign resulted in an “Average Time on Site” approx 27% higher time than their current time on site. We believe this helped gain so many conversions.

  • Diet Recipes based on Contextual Targeting generated the highest level of Conversions

  • Successfully reached advertiser’s goal for on audience targeting

  • Exceed client’s expectations in terms of performance and engagement

  • Overall Viewability over the campaign was 76%


Advertiser : Healthy Prepared Meals Brand

Category : Health / Food 

Market : USA

Media Types : Display & Mobile

Execution : Managed Services

Client : Brand Direct

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