300×600 / Half Page Unit

One of the best performing ad units on Healthy Ads is the 300×600 which is considered a large format ad unit which is equivalent to a full page ad in a newspaper. Sometimes referred to as the Half Page Ad Unit, the 300×600 provides a large area for advertisers to get their message across paired with a high click through rate.

Most sites across Healthy Ads are enabled to run the 300×600 ad unit. However the high demand by advertisers generally commands a higher CPM rate than regular sized IAB Ad Units.

Features of the 300×600 ;

  • Exceptional level of click through rates
  • Large format / high visibility unit
  • Ideal for in unit video placement
  • Ideal for all types of rich media
  • Approved IAB Ad Unit

Don’t have a 300×600 Ad Creative ?

Healthy Ads can take your existing creative assets and develop 300×600 ad units for your campaign using your brand standards quickly and cost effectively.

Need Creative Specifications for a 300×600 ad unit?

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