Custom Contextual Targeting Segments

Advertising Using Custom Contextual Targeting Segments

Executing a successful Contextual Targeting strategy requires insight into your target audience’s needs and wants that complements your own expertise of the business or product you are advertising. The best solution often involves building unique criteria sets that ensure you target the best audience for your product. This is where the team at Healthy Ads can help.

Leading the Way in Contextual Advertising

As digital advertising continues to grow and change, Healthy Ads is a leader in helping advertisers maximize the relevance of ads in order to increase consumer engagement. A crucial part of our service portfolio is custom contextual targeting, which goes beyond traditional limitations to ensure advertisers connect with the right audiences in real time.

Healthy Ads’ Bespoke Contextual Engine

Healthy Ads’ key differentiator is our bespoke contextual targeting engine called “The URL Project.” We built this innovative technology from scratch in 2020. This cutting-edge tool allows us to curate and build specific custom segments tailored to your specific advertising needs. Combining advanced URL-level crawling technology with our contextual segment expertise ensures that you profit from truly one-of-a-kind contextual advertising strategies — enhancing ad relevance, audience engagement, and overall campaign effectiveness.

Discover Custom Contextual Targeting Segments with Healthy Ads

At Healthy Ads, we understand that brands have unique audiences and distinct advertising goals, and this is the foundation of our custom contextual targeting service. By curating bespoke advertising strategies based on relevant keywords, interests, and topics, we help Health, Fitness, Pharmaceutical, and Medical brands deliver impactful ads that will engage the right audience for the content.

Making Customization the New Standard

Our custom Contextual Targeting Segments take your brand’s nuances into account — such as product specifics, demographics, brand names, consumer interests, or trending topics. Our approach tailors ads to your target audience, ensuring the ads get seen and resonate with the viewer, driving engagement and making sure your campaign is as effective as possible.

Options for Developing Custom Contextual Targeting Segments



Your Brand Name Target pages that mention your brand name. This can reinforce brand recognition by appearing alongside content that already has viewers showing interest in your brand. An example would be serving an ad alongside a blog post or article that mentions your brand in order to capitalize on the existing interest in your brand.
Your Product Name This works the same as brand name targeting, except it specifically targets your product or service names. For example, ads for a model of a car could appear alongside reviews or discussions of that particular model of car.
Competition Brand Name This works like the strategy above, except that you can appear alongside content that mentions competitors instead of your own brand name. Be cautious with this strategy as it may have legal implications depending on the jurisdiction and the specific use cases.
Competition Product Names Again, this follows the same pattern as above, but with a specific competing product. This could help you position your product as an alternative.
Related Products or Services Many products and services complement specific related products. This strategy allows you to build segments based off those complementary product relationships. An example would be a hiking boot advertisement targeted to readers of content related to camping gear, travel accessories, and recreation services.
Industry-Specific Keywords Key words and phrases are highly relevant and specific to your products or industry. An example from the tech sector would be keywords such as “machine learning”, “AI”, “data science”, etc.
Consumer Behaviors and Interests This targets the sorts of content likely to be of interest to your target audience. For example, an audience of fitness enthusiasts could be targeted on sports, workout, or healthy eating content.
Demographic-Specific Contexts Ads targeted to particular demographic groups (such as new parents, retirees, or age cohorts) can be targeted on specific contexts that appeal to those demographics.
Time-Based or Seasonal Contexts Seasonal products should be targeted at seasonal audiences. For example, a swimwear manufacturer may want to advertise alongside summer travel content.
Geography Target content relevant to a specific regional audience for products that have a particular regional market.
Value Proposition The unique characteristics of your product or service can also inform what types of audiences would be most effective to target. For example, a sustainably-sourced product would be a good fit alongside content related to green living or eco-friendly technology.

Your Partner for Advertising Success

Healthy Ads ensures it’s a seamless process to build a Custom Contextual Targeting strategy. We take your specific targeting requirements and turn that into a custom segment — a process that takes only 20 minutes.

Once the Custom Segment is built, it’s ready for targeting in our Supply-Side Platform (SSP) and Ad Server within a few hours. This quick turnaround and expertise in programmatic deals and managed services enables real-time execution of your contextual advertising strategies.

Activation Through Programmatic Advertising Deals or Managed Services

Healthy Ads proudly offers an integrated solution combining both programmatic advertising deals and managed services. Our programmatic advertising deals streamline ad-buying so that you can purchase ad slots based on your custom contextual targeting parameters in real time.

On the other hand, our managed services remove complexity from your contextual targeting strategy, handling each component from ongoing optimization to custom segment creation. This unique combination ensures both precise targeting and efficient ad spend.

Health Targeting Categories

Discover a wide range of Health Targeting Categories based on Contextual Targeting for your next Advertising Campaign or Programmatic Deals. Explore our offerings in Medical Conditions, Healthy Lifestyle, Chronic Diseases, Infections, Sports, and General Health to reach your desired audience at scale effectively.

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