728×90 / Leaderboard Ad Unit

728x90 Leaderboard Ad Unit


The 728×90 Ad Unit or Leaderboard as it is often referred is typically placed at the top of a website either above the content or within the header itself. Because its usually above the fold placement on many websites the 728×90 performs extremely well for branding campaigns, especially when high viewability is essential.

Across Healthy Ads, the 728×90 Ad Unit is popular on large healthy websites and blogs and is often run nearby a 300×250 for maximum exposure for advertisers.

From a branding perspective, the 728×90 is considered by most advertisers as a strong performing ad unit, and is used on nearly every campaign run on Healthy Ads.

Features of the 728×90 Ad Unit;

  • Commonly placed Above the Fold
  • Typically High Viewability
  • Consistent Results for Advertisers
  • Can be run as an expandable unit or standard unit
  • Ideal for all types of Rich Media
  • Approved IAB Ad Unit

Don’t have a 728×90 Ad Creative ?

Healthy Ads can take your existing creative assets and develop 728×90 ad units for your campaign using your brand standards quickly and cost effectively.

Need Creative Specifications for a 728×90 Ad Unit?

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