Generic Drug Targeting Solutions 

A Generic Drug is one that contains the exact same active ingredient and produces the same therapeutic result as the brand-name medication. In terms of pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic qualities, it is also regarded as bioequivalent to the brand-name version. A Generic Drug is required by law to be therapeutically equal to a brand-name drug, which means it must be chemically identical and deliver the same medical effects.

Generic Drugs are typically sold at much lower prices than brand-name counterparts since they are not required to repeat the costly clinical studies of new drugs and generally do not pay for costly advertising, marketing, and promotion. Instead, because they just need to show the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that their product is bioequivalent to the innovator medication. Generic Drug manufacturers can sell their product for less money.

Brand-name medications cost more because their manufacturers spend a lot of money on their development, marketing, and promotion. For them to make up their investment expenses, a time period known as patent exclusivity is given to sell the drug. After that time has passed, additional producers may submit an application to the FDA to market generic versions.

The FDA also makes sure that Generic Drugs are equally as secure and efficient as their branded counterparts, regardless of the price and branding discrepancies.

We all know that people frequently research their symptoms and possible health concerns online before consulting healthcare specialists. They want to know about preventative measures, treatment alternatives, and alternative medications. This advertising is ideal for companies such as Generic Drugs, healthcare providers, and hospitals looking to connect with people who are proactive about their health.

Across our managed publishers, we see a significant number of Generic Health related searches each month. This is an excellent opportunity to advertise Generic Drugs because it can be an effective strategy to sell healthcare services and products.

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Reach Individuals interested in Generic Drug
We offer the ability to either advertise on pages about Generic drugs or to people who have looked at Generic Drug related articles or blogs in the past. We know that people seeking health-related information, particularly about Generic Drugs, are most likely dealing with or suspecting a health ailment. They may be about to contact their doctors to discuss their symptoms and obtain a treatment plan, or even a referral to a specialist. This is an excellent time for Generic Drug manufacturers and healthcare providers to engage in Direct-to-Consumer advertising (DTC). It allows them to reach out to potential patients who are looking for low-cost, high-quality medicine solutions to manage their health concerns.

Generic Drug Targeting Solutions

Realtime Generic Drug Targeting
Our Realtime Generic Drug Targeting option allows an advertiser to run their advertising next to webpages that discuss Generic Drugs, so the researcher can read the content whilst a relevant ad is displayed. This is the ultimate solution for advertising Generic Drug products and services. We can run this type of contextual targeting across our own Managed Supply, our Curated Supply and via a Media Plan via Managed Services.

Generic Drug Audience Targeting
Our Generic Drug Audience Targeting allows an advertiser to run their advertising targeted to people who have recently looked at Generic Drug related content over the past 30 to 60 days. This offers a significantly larger scale than our Realtime Targeting option.

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