Bunions Targeting Solutions

A bony development on the big toe joint is known as a Bunion. It occurs when few of the bones in the front portion of your foot shift, pulling your big toe’s joint towards the smaller toes and causing the tip of your big toe to stick out.

The skin over the Bunion may be inflamed and painful. Bunions may develop or become worse if you wear tight, narrow shoes. Inherited structural defects, stress on the foot, and medical conditions like arthritis can also cause Bunions to form.

Conservative treatments including changing your shoes, using orthotics, and taking painkillers can help you manage minor Bunions. Surgery may be necessary to treat more severe Bunions in order to reduce pressure and restore the toe joint.

A Bunion can cause the following symptoms:

  • A bulging lump on the outside of your big toe’s base
  • Swelling, redness, or pain near your big toe joint
  • Corns and calluses are common where the first and second toes meet.
  • Persistent or intermittent pain
  • Restricted movement of your big toe if arthritis affects it

You should consult a doctor if you experience symptoms that irritate you or make it difficult for you to wear shoes or engage in activities. Based on the severity of your Bunion and your symptoms, your doctor will talk to you about the best treatment choices available.

We all know that people research their symptoms and medical conditions online prior to attending medical appointments. Looking for prevention, treatments, alternative therapies, medications, ways to manage symptoms and the likelihood of recurrence are just some of the frequently searched terms. This advertising is ideal for companies such as pharmaceutical companies, alternative therapies, and healthcare providers looking to reach individuals who want to target people with Bunions.

Across our managed publishers, we see a significant number of Bunions related searches each month. This provides a unique opportunity to advertise new treatment options that can help individuals who suffer from Bunions.

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Reach Individuals with Bunions    
We offer the ability to either advertise on pages next to articles about Bunions or to people who have previously looked at Bunions related articles or blogs in the past. We know that people looking at content related to Bunions either have the condition or know someone who does. They may also suspect they have it and plan to discuss their symptoms with their Doctor before being provided with information about treatment options. This is an ideal time for Direct to Consumer Advertising (DTC) of Bunions treatment options.

Bunions Targeting Solutions

Realtime Bunions Health Targeting
Our Realtime Bunions Targeting option allows an advertiser to run their advertising next to Bunions webpages as the researcher looks at the page. This is the ultimate advertising solution for Bunions treatment options. We can run this type of contextual targeting across our own Managed Supply, our Curated Supply and via a Media Plan via Managed Services.

Bunions Audience Targeting
Our Bunions Audience Targeting allows an advertiser to run their advertising targeted to people who have recently looked at Bunions related content over the past 30 to 60 days. This offers a significantly larger scale than our Realtime Targeting option.

Popular Bunions Searches
We see a wide range of Bunions searches each month and a vast amount of content on this topic across our managed publishers. The top twenty searches we see related to Bunions include;

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  • Can Bunions come back after surgery?
  • Bunion vs gout
  • Cost of Bunion surgery
  • Bunion correctors

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