Diarrhea Targeting Solutions 

Diarrhea is characterized by the frequent passing of watery or loose stools. It occurs when the digestive system is not functioning properly, resulting in frequent, loose, watery bowel movements. Acute Diarrhea, which is often caused by a bacterial, viral, or parasite infection, can also be Chronic Diarrhea, which is typically caused by a functional issue like irritable bowel syndrome or an intestinal ailment like Crohn’s disease.

Here are some of the most widespread causes of Diarrhea:

  • Viral infections: The most prevalent cause of Diarrhea in both adults and children is viral infections. Norovirus, rotavirus, and, in some situations, coronaviruses are common viruses.
  • Infections caused by parasites: Giardia lamblia and cryptosporidium parasites, in particular, can cause diarrhea, especially in travelers from areas where these parasites are common.
  • Food sensitivities and intolerances: Some individuals are sensitive to certain food ingredients, such as lactose, fructose, or gluten, which can result in diarrhea.
  • Digestive disorders: Diarrhea can be brought on by long-term diseases such as pancreatitis, irritable bowel syndrome, and inflammatory bowel disease, including Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

Diarrhea can lead to dehydration, which can be dangerous if not managed. Dehydration symptoms include dry skin, discomfort, a dry mouth, feeling lightheaded, and urinating less frequently. If you have Diarrhea, drink plenty of fluids and, if necessary, utilize rehydration therapies. Seek medical assistance right once if the symptoms last more than a few days, especially if they are accompanied by fever, bloody stools, or severe discomfort.

We all know that people research their symptoms and research medical conditions online prior to attending medical appointments. Looking for prevention, treatments, alternative therapies, medications, ways to manage symptoms and the likelihood of recurrence are just some of the frequently searched terms. This advertising is ideal for companies such as pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers looking to reach individuals who have Diarrhea.

Across our managed publishers, we see a significant number of Diarrhea related searches each month. This provides a unique opportunity to advertise new treatments and products to assist Diarrhea sufferers.

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Reach Individuals with Diarrhea   
We offer the ability to either advertise on pages next to articles about Diarrhea or to people who have previously looked at Diarrhea related articles or blogs in the past. We know that people looking at content related to Diarrhea either have it themselves or know someone with Diarrhea and are researching it. They are also most probably about to go out to discuss Diarrhea with their doctor and be provided with information about treatment options. This is an ideal time for Direct to Consumer Advertising (DTC) for Diarrhea.

Diarrhea Targeting Solutions

Realtime Diarrhea Health Targeting
Our Realtime Diarrhea Targeting option allows an advertiser to run their advertising next to Diarrhea web pages as the researcher looks at the page. This is the ultimate solution for advertising Diarrhea treatment options. We can run this type of contextual targeting across our own Managed Supply, our Curated Supply and via a Media Plan via Managed Services.

Diarrhea Audience Targeting
Our Diarrhea Audience Targeting allows an advertiser to run their advertising targeted to people who have recently looked at Diarrhea related content over the past 30 to 60 days. This offers a significantly larger scale than our Realtime Targeting option.

Popular Diarrhea Searches
We see a wide range of Diarrhea searches each month and a vast amount of content on this topic across our managed publishers. The top twenty searches we see related to Diarrhea include;

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  • Diarrhea and dehydration
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  • Treatment for Diarrhea
  • Diarrhea and weight loss
  • Is Diarrhea a sign of cancer?
  • Diarrhea in dogs (or cats)
  • How long does Diarrhea last?
  • Diarrhea and diabetes

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