Advertising eHealth

If you run an urgent care facility or doctor practices, you probably already know that the world of medical technology is rapidly changing. One way that it is changing is the emergence of eHealth.

But what does eHealth actually mean? How does eHealth impact doctors and medical facilities, and how can businesses reach the right people who want eHealth services?

Advertising companies like Healthy Ads can certainly help you reach the right people with programmatic targeted advertising, but you also need to know about what eHealth actually involves. Let’s take a look.

What is eHealth?

eHealth can be a pretty broad term, but it is essentially just a word used to describe the use of data and communication technology in the healthcare world. eHealth covers a lot of different things, which is why there is some dispute over its actual definition.

So how can someone know if their business actually provides eHealth services? To make it simple, if any of the following describes something your practice or medical facilities provides, you’re probably involved in eHealth:

  • Electronic health and medical records

  • Telehealth and telemedicine

  • IT systems

  • Consumer health data

  • Virtual or mobile healthcare

  • Large data systems that are used by larger medical facilities, such as hospitals or universities

Now that you know you are really providing eHealth services, what kind of companies provide such services and how can they market their services effectively?

What companies provide eHealth

Many different kinds of companies provide eHealth services. These can range from health insurance companies to urgent care facilities to doctor offices to even online medical publications. Your business may already be providing eHealth services that you want to advertise, even if you didn’t know they were technically eHealth.

Driving leads for your eHealth Services

The best way to drive leads to your eHealth services is via target marketing.

Who are your potential customers? What is your target audience searching for? Really take the time to brainstorm who you want as a customer and what your potential customer wants in an eHealth search provider. This way, it is much easier to connect with your potential customers via banner ads on eHealth blogs, SEO marketing, and native ads in articles.

Targeting Prospective Patients for eHealth services

Our suggestion to connecting with people who need eHealth services would be to start targeting people who are searching for all types of medical issues. You definitely shouldn’t catch an overly broad net in which you target everyone, as this isn’t really an effective way to advertise. Rather, you should go just a bit broader than your niche. For example, let’s say you provide eHealth technology in the form of a mobile app that makes it easy for people to look up symptoms of different health conditions. You could target people who are looking up any kind of medical issue– even if they are not specifically looking for an app, your business is just relevant enough to appear on medical blogs and possibly pique their interest.

It all comes down to meeting your target audience where they are in search of eHealth services.

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