Hospital Advertising

Things have changed when it comes to hospital advertising.

Back in the day, hospitals really never needed to advertise. But in the ever-competitive medical world, it’s become imperative that medical organizations advertise on television as well as online. In fact, we’ve seen small local hospitals take on digital advertising campaigns as well as major network hospital groups. It’s become a common practice.

So how can new or struggling hospitals or pharmaceutical companies start advertising digitally? It’s not as difficult as you’d think, especially with help from medical-specific advertising agencies like Healthy Ads.

Let’s take a look at the why and the how.

Why Should Hospitals Advertise?

To put it simply, local hospitals have to compete with big network facilities. Just as well, larger hospitals in a network may need to stand out from similar specialty facilities.

Patients want to be able to get excellent care without having to travel to the nearest big city, and local hospitals could benefit from advertising to their local demographics. It could also be seen as a major responsibility– many patients may not have the means to travel far for treatment, and a local hospital’s ads may be what informs them of a better solution.

How to Advertise a Hospital and Start a Marketing Campaign Online

There are a number of best practices to keep in mind when launching an advertising campaign for a hospital:

  • Build a website. Building a website is a great way to post content that is relevant to the medical niche and your hospital’s specialty, which plays a bit role in advertising. Even a simple website with location information, doctor bios, and a blog section will do.

  • Show off your testimonials. If you have social media pages that boast some attractive patient reviews of your hospital, take advantage of them! Show off testimonials and showcase your patient stories on your website and in your banner or native ads.

  • Focus on targeted ads. Through an agency like Healthy Ads, targeted advertising is a must for hospitals. General advertising doesn’t work well for the medical field because so much of what’s being advertised is highly specific to a demographic, either locally or medically. As such, placing hospital ads on local magazines or blogs can be the best way to reach local patients.

Advertise Your Hospital with Healthy Ads

Hospitals need to be able to reach their target local demographic with ease. Luckily, Healthy Ads is here to help.

Healthy Ads is an advertising platform for all businesses and organizations under the fitness, medical, wellness, and health niches. We manage hundreds of top-tier blogs and publishers that are highly relevant to the medical industry, so your hospital ads will be able to get to the people that actually need them.

Let’s Get Started ! 

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