Instream Video Ads

Online video is quite a fantastic tool, especially for advertising. In fact, there are few other ad formats that are as successful as video ads.

Today, advertisers are feeling the pressure to invest more and more money into online video. This is especially true for advertisers who want to pull in leads from mobile devices. From this, the trend of instream video ads has appeared.

But what exactly are instream video ads? Let’s take a look at everything advertisers need to know about this type of ad.

What are Instream Video Ads?

Instream video ads, also known as pre-roll video ads, are ads that are placed before or within a video. Instream video ads are extremely popular on websites like YouTube that place ads every few minutes or so into the video.

The most common types of instream video ad formats include companion ads, linear video ads, and non-linear video ads.

These ads are currently the most reliable way to place video ads within a relevant video. While they are somewhat vulnerable to ad-block extensions and applications, instream ads are extremely valuable because they usually share some context with the video they appear on.

For example, let’s say a consumer is watching a how-to guide for using a specific type of kitchen mixer. A few minutes into the video, they receive an ad for attachments for said kitchen mixer. The content is highly relevant and therefore isn’t extremely disruptive– which makes a good case for how effective these ads can be.

There are some downsides to instream ads, unfortunately. They can be limited in the sense that a video may not be doing well or connecting with audiences– the advertiser has little control over this and it can affect the appeal of the ad used in the video. It’s also easy to get trigger happy with instream ads, which will quickly disrupt and annoy viewers into bailing on the video (and your ads) altogether.

Still, instream video ads can be quite useful. So why exactly do advertisers like them so much?

Why do Advertisers Like Instream Video Ads?

An advertiser’s goal is usually to increase visibility, broaden brand awareness, and improve overall engagement. Instream videos can do this quite effectively if they’re done right.

Instream video ads need to be relevant to the published video they’re part of, should be sparing in how often the ad pops up, and should be as non-disruptive as possible.

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