Reaching Diabetic Audiences

Pharmaceutical and health-focused businesses often target people with diabetes. Whether you’ve developed a therapeutic product or product insulin products, there are many people out there with type I and II diabetes who have a need for the solution your product provides. The key is to target them when and where they are most likely to purchase your products.

At Healthy Ads, no matter if you run advertising via a Managed Service Media plan or buying programmatic using your own DSP, we provide a cookie less solution to reaching diabetics

Let’s break down how Healthy Ads Diabetic Audience can help your business with reaching diabetics and connecting with very specific target markets.

Targeting and Reaching Diabetic Audiences in Your Marketing

Healthy Ads has recently expanded diabetes targeting into four specific areas: Diabetes (contextual), diabetes recipes, Type 1 diabetes, and Type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes Contextual Targeting 

Diabetes is a complex and difficult health condition to deal with. It requires constant maintenance in terms of blood glucose monitoring, food intake monitoring, exercise, and a healthy diet.

Contextual diabetes targeting targets both forms of diabetes, known as Type I and Type II diabetes. Many individuals with this condition, either diagnosed or undiagnosed, will conduction their own research on symptoms, medical advice, statistics, recipes, etc. Contextual targeting works to find these individuals while they are conducting this research.

For example: If a person with Type II diabetes is browsing a website full of diabetic recipes, it would make sense to place an ad for your diabetic food product on those pages. Context is key, and your target audience is more likely to make a purchase because they have a need for that product while they are browsing diabetic recipes.

Diabetes Recipe Targeting

Following a healthy diet is a major part of managing diabetic symptoms. Typically, diabetics will follow low-carbohydrate diets with a low glycaemic index, as well as low saturated fat recipe plans. The goal of such a diet is to stabilize blood glucose levels.

Our research has determined that individuals are conducting millions of diabetic recipe searched across our managed publishers. This presents an excellent opportunity for advertisers to target diabetic audiences on high-quality diabetic recipe pages. Ads can involve products such as grocery items, diabetic-specific food items, supplements, etc.

Type 1 Diabetes Targeting

Type 1 diabetes is an auto-immune disease in which the immune system destroys healthy cells in the pancreas, thus halting or complicating the production of insulin. There is no cure for this disease and it is unknown what actually causes it.

Type 1 diabetes is rarer than type 2 diabetes, and thus, those who might be suffering from this condition might spend quite a bit of time researching their symptoms. If your product is particularly beneficial to those with type 1 diabetes, it is definitely worth targeting these individuals on medical blogs, diabetic support groups, diabetic forums, etc.

Type 2 Diabetes Targeting

Type 2 diabetes is different from Type 1 diabetes in that it is a progressive condition that causes bodily resistance to insulin as well as the inability to produce adequate levels of insulin. This form of diabetes may be genetic or related to poor diet.

As with Type 1 diabetes, individuals with this condition tend to do a lot of research on its symptoms. Just as well, those with type 2 diabetes are constantly looking for new and alternative medicines, therapies, and supplements that can help them. If your product provides a solution to diabetic symptoms, targeting support blogs and forums in the diabetic realm is a smart move.

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