Vertical Ad Network

Including a Vertical Ad Network in your Advertising Campaign

Since 2008, Healthy Ads has been the global leading Vertical Ad Network in the health, fintess and medical sectors.

Horizontal and vertical ad networks both have their own particular use cases. However, when it comes to healthy advertising, a Vertical Ad Network is typically preferred. This is because vertical ads target very specific potential customers.

But what exactly is a Vertical Ad Network, and what makes it so useful? Let’s take a look.

What is a Vertical Ad Network?

A Vertical Advertising Network, or Vertical Ad Network, is usually focused on delivering advertising to a specific audience. It is a highly specialized network with a relatively low global reach but also boasts a high reach for very specific targets.

Vertical advertising networks will usually offer less reach, but more exact reach, for advertisers. Vertical ads service significantly fewer impressions than horizontal ads since the reach is less broad. Because of this, a Vertical Ad is known as a “known buy” because advertisers know exactly which audience is being targeted.

What is a Horizontal Ad Network?

A Horizontal Advertising Network, or Horizontal Ad Network, focuses on delivering advertising on a large base of inventory that is available to the advertiser. The reach for this type of network is extremely broad. Horizontal ads offer reach, scale, and multiple targeting opportunities for advertisers.

Because the reach for Horizontal Advertising is so broad, it can provide billions of impressions per day, though those impressions are not as targeted as vertical advertising. Such ads are considered “blind buys” because the advertiser does not who where the impressions will serve.

What is the Difference Between a Vertical Ad Network and a Horizontal Ad Network?

Vertical Ad Networks are highly specialized. Horizontal Ad Networks are not. This means that while Horizontal Ad Networks offer more coverage, these networks to not target specific demographics or customer behaviors.

Why Choose a Vertical Ad Network?

When it comes to the health, fitness and medical industries, it is very important to advertise to very specific demographics. That means targeting viewers of recipe websites with specific ads for content they are researching or engaging with. These ads are not as successful on non-relevant websites, which is where they would be published via a Horizontal Ad Network.

Healthy Ads for Your Vertical Ad Solutions

At Healthy Ads, we know the real value of Vertical Advertising for companies. Pharmaceutical, Wellness, Fitness and other specialty health companies, and every niche in between needs to reach the right potential customers at the right time– namely, when they are viewing health and medical content on blogs or websites and need specific health products that an advertising business may offer.

We invest in programmatic vertical advertising and boast a whopping 2.8 billion ad impressions worldwide. We manage over 1,700 websites and blogs with high traffic, so your ads could be seen by the consumers most likely to make a purchase.

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