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Advertising Clinical Trials

At Healthy Ads, we focus on every niche in the health scope. We’re the advertising go-to for such niches include fitness, overall wellness, medical needs, and pharmaceutical advertising.

Our goal is to pair particular brands with their target market. When it comes to advertising pharmaceutical trials, this can be difficult to do alone. This is because very specific people are interested in clinical trials. Throwing one’s net out and advertising to a very general audience simply won’t work when it comes to bringing in interested patients.

Let’s explore some of the benefits of digitally advertising clinical trials for pharmaceutical companies.

The Benefits of Advertising Clinical Trials

There are so many benefits to advertising clinical trials, and many of them are helpful to both pharmaceutical companies and interested patients.

Targeting People Who Have a Specific Disease or Disorder

One of the biggest benefits involves targeting people that have the disease in question. When the average consumer thinks of clinical trials, they think about lab tests that people will subject them to when they are down on their luck and need fast cash.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Clinical trials for specific diseases or disorders, especially conditions where there is little available treatment, can be a godsend for someone suffering from a disease. By advertising on very relevant resources that such patients will already be investigating, it becomes much easier to bring in subjects for trials. It’s a mutually beneficial process.

Contextual Targeting

Targeting a specific disease and patients who suffer from it can be done through contextual targeting. Contextual targeting or contextual advertising involves running ad campaigns specifically on highly relevant websites and blogs.

For example, a pharmaceutical company may begin running clinical trials for a medication that could significantly improve the symptoms of lupus. Through contextual targeting, the company runs its clinical trial ads on a lupus resource website. Because many patients with lupus may frequent the website, they will be able to connect with their target audience with more ease.

Regaining Interest from Potential Patients

Another benefit to advertising clinic trials involves targeting people that have expressed interest in a trial but have not yet signed up. Whether it’s due to cold feet or social stigma around clinical trials, consumers may be interested in going through a medical trial but abandon the idea. This can be remedied by launching ad campaigns that are highly approachable and list valuable information. By reducing the mystery around clinical trials, consumers may be more likely to sign on.

Pharmaceutical Companies Can Benefit from Healthy Ads

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