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Fitness Marketing

At Healthy Ads, we pride ourselves as a health and fitness advertising platform for gyms, fitness gurus, and everyone else in the scope of the fitness niche. We also understand that fitness marketing requires some very specific techniques and approaches.

Fitness marketing is very different from, say, grocery marketing or electronic goods marketing. Fitness marketing will involve ad campaigns that target a very specific demographic of people– those who need fitness advice and guidance, and those who are already involved in fitness but want newer and more exciting products related to fitness.

So how can a fitness brand market to these demographics effectively to turn leads into conversions? A few handy tips can help.

3 Tips for Fitness Marketing Online

1. Use programmatic target marketing.

Programmatic advertising involves automating the buying and sell process of ad inventory. Not only will this save you a lot of time, but ad platforms like Healthy Ads can take on the brunt of the work for you in order to bid for the best possible impressions.

Target marketing involves targeting an extremely specific target audience. In the case of fitness marketing, these target audiences will usually be fitness fanatics or average people who want to get into shape.

2. Use special introductory offers for new clients.

For gyms, an enticing special intro offer can be what leads a curious gym-goer or fitness newbie to choose your gym over the competition. Many industries outside of the fitness niche can benefit from this. However, fitness brands specifically can pull in a large demographic of people who have chosen to get into shape for the first time by providing them a cheaper alternative to expensive gyms.

3. Opt for showing off reviews, testimonials, and success stories.

People who love fitness or want to get involved in fitness want to know that they are making the right choices and buying the right products. They want to know that their routines and product consumption will lead them to tangible results. As a fitness brand, it’s your job to show potential customers that you have a proven history of helping existing customers get the results they had been working towards.

Whether you use video, native, or banner ads, use short testimonials from real satisfied customers. Consider showing before and after photos if your product or overall brand specializes in weight loss or building muscle.

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