Gym Advertising

If you’re interested in advertising your gym and driving leads, you’re in luck. There is definitely a formula for successfully putting out gym ads and marketing your gym online. And for the most part, it just comes down to targeting the right people through the right content. Gym Advertising is all about driving leads and focusing toward local audiences to fill their needs.


An Outline of Gym Advertising

Gym advertising can be simply broken down into the following checklist:

  • Understand best practices for your ad campaigns in the health and fitness niche.

  • Target the right kind of audience at the right time.

  • Use the right kind of content to reach this audience.

You may feel like running a very broad and general ad campaign could be a good idea for your gym. Who doesn’t think they need to get in shape? However, this is not a smart move. You’re looking for very specific types of people who are looking at weight loss or fitness content before they decide on a gym. It’s your job to ensure your ad is on this type of content.

Some Basic Tactics of Gym Advertising

There are a few best practices to keep in mind when engaging in advertising.

  • Create a website that makes signing up for a membership or booking a tour as easy as possible.

  • Maintain a social media presence that is friendly and communal.

  • Utilize video content involving workout tutorials, exercise machine use, diet tips, etc.

  • Look at what an area’s most popular gym is doing differently.

Now that we know some best practices, let’s look at how to target the right audience through the right content or copy.

Targeting the Right Audience

There are two different kinds of people you want to target– fitness fanatics and people on diets.

Fitness Fanatics

Fitness fanatics are always looking for the next hot gym or a gym that could possibly be better than the one they currently have a membership with. People who are extremely passionate about fitness are who you want to target as a gym.

People on Diets

People who are watching their weight and working on a diet may also have some interest in a gym membership.

Targeting the Right Content and Websites

Now that you know the right audience to target, you need to think about where your ads will find them.

Fitness Blogs

Fitness blogs are a must-have when it comes to advertising a gym. Your target audience is likely reading about fitness tips already. Because of this, a native ad or banner ad for your gym would find a lot of success on a fitness blog.

Gym Content 

There is a wide range of gym content out there. From compilations of the best chain gyms to check out to guides on how to use gym equipment, gym content is where you need to target your ads.

Diet Content

Food websites or healthy lifestyle blogs that specialize in providing healthy meals for weight loss are another spot to consider placing your ads. Dieters are already in a position to consider going to a gym.


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