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Important Safety Information

If you live in an area of the world with Important Safety Information regulations, you’ve probably heard the rambling of side effects that follows a video commercial for medication. You may have also seen medical ads online with thick sidebars of text detailing safety information for the product in question.

Important Safety Information is very useful for consumers who need to know the potential side effects of a product they are considering. It is also a good way for brands and advertisers to cover their bases when it comes to legal problems or poor brand reputation.

Let’s look at what ISI actually is and what it typically includes in pharmaceutical advertising.

What Does “Important Safety Information” Refer To?

“Important Safety Information” or ISI is a pharmaceutical and medical business term that refers to associated risks for specific treatments. ISI enables pharmaceutical advertisers to clearly disclose associated risks for specific drugs, treatments or devices when running advertising campaigns.

Globally, ISI is becoming a legal trend in which pharmaceutical companies around the world have been forced to adapt to. Including an ISI in advertisements in the United States is mandated by the Food and Drug Association.

When it comes to direct to consumer advertising, it makes sense why important safety information needs to be included in advertisements. Consumers need to be informed of potential risks in using a medical device or medication for the benefit of their health.

What Does “Important Safety Information” Typically Contain?

A “product claim ad” is a type of advertisement that explicitly names a drug or medical device and discusses its benefits. These types of ads in most countries must not be false or misleading to viewers. One way to avoid this is to include important safety information in the ad itself.

Important safety information will typically contain the name of the drug (both generic and brand name), any (but not all) FDA-approved uses for the drug, and the most significant risks and side effects of the drug. This must be compiled in the ad in very understandable language that is accessible to all consumers. Important safety information should also be very well balanced. For example: An advertisement for a drug that contains 500 words describing the benefits should have a similarly hefty list of important safety information, rather than just one sentence.

Healthy Ads as a Medical Advertising Solution

At Healthy Ads, we want to make sure our advertisers and clients have their bases covered. That’s why we do our best to implement important safety information within advertisements for our pharmaceutical clients.

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