Medical Blogs

At Healthy Ads, we manage the advertising on a range of medical blogs. We believe that medical brands can gain substantial leads and conversions by advertising on relevant medical-related blogs and websites.

So, what types of medical blogs are out there? What are the essential elements of a medical blog that is worth advertising on? Let’s investigate.

Types of Medical Blogs

There are tons of blogs out there that relate to the world of medicine:

  • Blogs by doctors

  • Blogs by healthcare professionals

  • Medical device and product review websites

  • Blogs by medical specialists

  • Blogs by nurses

  • Medical resource websites

  • Academic medical resources

  • Wellness and health blogs

  • Blogs on alternative medicine

  • Blogs on healthcare laws and policies

  • Blogs by patients

Because there are so many different types of medical blogs out there, it is important to consider what types of medical blogs would suit your particular brand, product, or ad campaign.

For example, let’s say you are a marketing specialist for a cancer advocacy group. The types of websites you would want to advertise your organization on would be cancer support forums, cancer patient blogs, cancer resources, etc. Advertising such a brand on a general lifestyle blog by a nurse may not be worth the trouble.

Essential Elements of a Medical Blog

When building a medical blog, there are a handful of important elements that should be included.

It all starts with intention. What is the real purpose of the blog? What solution to what problems does it provide? If a medical blog does not seem to have a lot of direction when it comes to purpose, your ads may not bring in your target audience.

Another important element is strong, interesting content. Consumers will go to a medical blog because they have a problem to solve, or they want to learn more about a particular medical subject. A medical blog will invest in quality content that consumers will actually read.

Such content is very important when it comes to advertising. For example, if a high-quality blog content explores different ways to improve fertility, a couple who are struggling to conceive may want to read it. That blog post would be a perfect platform to advertise a brand’s fertility supplement.

The format of a blog is also important. Is there room for video ads, display ads (such as sidebar and header banners), or pop-up ads? Consider the format your ad campaign will take and whether or not a particular medical blog will be compatible.

Access the Best Medical Blogs with Healthy Ads

If you have a medical product or service that you are ready to advertise online, look no further than Healthy Ads.

We know the true benefit of connecting medical advertisers and brands with medical blogs and websites. We believe that baseless, generalized advertising efforts rarely ever work. Instead, the best strategy is to present ads to consumers who are already actively looking for a similar product or solution.

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