Pharmacy Advertising

The average pharmacy sells so much more than just over the counter medicines and prescription medication these days. Many pharmacies have become similar to miniature grocery stores and sell everything from food products to electronics. Times have certainly changed!

In the constantly changing world of pharmacies, marketing and advertising are changing as well. Pharmacies have a certain leverage with online marketing that they never really had before.

So how can new and growing pharmacies use digital marketing to their advantage, and what does excellent pharmacy marketing look like? Let’s explore what pharmacies can do to really improve their online presence with consumers.

How Do Major Pharmacies Use Their Online Advertising Leverage to Reach Customers?

Pharmacies can use online advertising to reach customers in a number of lucrative ways. To start, let’s look at what kind of digital advertising areas a pharmacy could consider.

Digital advertising typically falls into a few areas when it comes to pharmacies:

  • Branded over-the-counter medicines, such as Tylenol, probiotics, etc .

  • Prescription services

  • Rewards programs for all aspects of the pharmacy, not just medication

  • Vaccinations and flu shots

  • Medical issues that require devices or products, such as blood pressure machines, diabetes test strips, etc.

  • Sales or price-driven deals.

  • Full-blown medical care (The Walgreens Healthcare Clinic is a good example of this.)

These are all unique and very marketable things a pharmacy can focus on when it comes to advertising.

For example, let’s say an established but smaller pharmacy has begun to implement flu shots and vaccinations into their business. One could advertise these services on specific blog pages or keyword search results, such as flu symptoms, how to get rid of a cold fast, where to get vaccinated, etc.

Healthy Ads and Pharmacy Advertising

Healthy Ads is a top-tier health, medical and fitness advertising platform. We specialize in helping brands and publishers in the pharmaceutical, health, wellness, medical, and fitness niches. We believe that health-conscious consumers want to find the right products and brands for their lifestyle with ease online— and we’re here to connect you with them.

Through programmatic target advertising, we manage hundreds of high-quality publishers and blogs to help advertisers and agencies utilize new and innovative digital marketing solutions. For pharmacies, be they established or new, we get that there is a need to reach clientele online and locally. Healthy Ads’ unique approach to programmatic marketing can help!

Social media can also be quite a powerful marketing tool for pharmacies. Facebook ads may not be the best way to bring in new clients. However, using a business Facebook pages to promote deals or offers for the purpose of growing one’s mailing list is a fantastic idea.

10 Example Display Ads for Pharmacy Brands

Sometimes a little inspiration and a few examples is all a business needs to figure out where they stand in the digital marketing space. These major pharmacy brands got display ads right.

Kroger 300x600 Pharmacy Advertising
Target 300x600 Pharmacy Advertising
Publix 300x600 Pharmacy Advertising
CVS 300x600 Pharmacy Advertising
Shoppers Drug Mart 300x600 Pharmacy Advertising
Walgreens 300x600 Pharmacy Advertising
Walmart 728x90 Pharmacy Advertising
Chemist Warehouse 728x90 Pharmacy Advertising

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