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Positive Health & Fitness Advertisements

Health and fitness advertisements can come in many shapes and forms, depending on the type of business they seek to promote. However, one element of such ads tend to be the same across the board— they’re usually very positive in nature.

Consumers who are interested in health and fitness see this aspect of their lives as hugely positive. After all, being healthy and fit does play a very positive part in the lives of people.

So how can a health and fitness brand craft a positive ad campaign that consumers will identify with? Let’s take a look at some tips and tricks for making your ad campaign a whole lot more favorable.

How to Craft a Positive Health and Fitness Advertising Campaign

  1. Remember that tone is everything. The tone of your ad campaign is extremely important when it comes to passing it off as very positive. Human beings are very sensitive to tone, so it’s important to keep this in mind when crafting to copy for your campaign.
  2. Keep body positivity in the mix. Body positivity is a huge movement in the health and wellness sectors, and it can be implemented in an extremely positive way into your own ad campaigns. Invest in the images of a wide range of models with different bodies to pull in the appeal from all the demographics who may be interested in your products.
  3. Avoid being misleading. It’s completely unnecessary to be untruthful about aspects of your product in an advertisement. In fact, it only takes a little bit of brainstorming to spin a benefit or feature of your product as something extremely positive. Because of this, don’t rush your campaign creation process— health and fitness ads that are positive require some thought.
  4. Use color to your advantage. Color plays a large part in our perception of images. Light blue is usually associate with health, and this is obvious in a lot of medical logos and advertisements. Positivity is usually associated with colors like yellow and white.

10 Positive Health and Fitness Advertising Examples

If you’re curious about what other health and fitness businesses are doing with their ad campaigns, these excellent advertising examples can serve as some inspiration.

Modcloth 970x250 Positive Health Fitness Advertisements
Swimsuits For All - 300x250 Positive Health Fitness Advertisements
Torrid 300x250 Positive Health Fitness Advertisements
Nike- 300x250 Positive Health Fitness Advertisements
Target 300x250 Positive Health Fitness Advertisements
Adidas 300x250 Positive Health Fitness Advertisements
Spanx 300x250 Positive Health Fitness Advertisements

Healthy Ads Can Kick Your Health and Fitness Advertisements Up a Notch

At Healthy Ads, we understand that health and fitness brands benefit from extremely positive messaging and visual aesthetics when it comes to advertising. We want to help you kick your digital marketing plan up a notch with programmatic target advertising.

This form of digital marketing hones in on extremely specific markets— not just health and fitness fans, or local consumers, but possible customers that have needs that are very specific to your products and services. A positive message and well-crafted campaign could make its way onto one of the hundreds of websites and publishers we manage. Why not see what Healthy Ads can do for your brand?

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