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Public Health Advertising

Public health advertising has been a form of public safety marketing that has been around for quite some time. But what exactly does public health advertising mean, and what types of public health ads are out there today? Let’s take a look.

What are Public Health Advertisements?

Public health advertisements are ads that governments or nonprofit organizations will put out to warm the general public about the dangers of some particular illness, disease, injury, or deadly scenario. Public health ads are used all over the world to help keep society safe.

Types of Public Health Advertising

Over the years there have been quite a lot of public health focuses from governments around the globe.


Anti-smoking campaigns are probably one of the most well-known types of health campaigns around the world. They deal with the addictiveness of smoking and the health effects that long-term smoking can have.


Not every country has an obesity problem, but the ones that do use public health campaigns to warn citizens of the dangers of morbid obesity and how to eat healthy foods.


There’s a lot of misinformation about vaccinations in today’s world. Because of this, we need public health campaigns more than ever to help disrupt misinformation.


Diabetes is a hereditary and acquired illness that affects nearly 425 million people around the world. Health ad campaigns can help notify the public of ways to combat the illness.

Cervical Cancer

Cancer of the cervix is a major issue around the globe, and around 5,000 people die from this form of cancer every year. The best way to make a good recovery is to diagnose the cancer early on.


Knowing how to stay hygienic and where to get a flu shot is key to combating the flu, and ad campaigns can help.


In some regions, particularly areas around the equator, the sun is extremely brutal. Because of this, public health campaigns are necessary to let the public know about how to keep their skin safe.

Water Safety

Places near the beach can definitely benefit from public ad campaigns that let beachgoers and tourists know the right practices for water safety.


The best way to combat coronavirus is to spread factual information about to prevent and treat this disease. Public health campaigns that are capable of reaching a broad audience could do a lot of good.

How to Advertise Public Health Campaigns

To start, you’ll need to identify your target audiences, as well as possible partners. This depends significantly on the type of health issue you are trying to bring awareness to.

Then, you’ll need to create a key message for your campaigns that will catch the attention of the public. These messages can be serious, entertaining, funny, sad, or anything that will get the attention of an at-risk person.

You could also consider targeting blogs and websites that deal with the problem you are trying to talk about. This is a good move for advertising because you’re meeting your target audience at the right place at the right time.