Flu Vaccine Advertising

It’s flu season somewhere, and there are many people out there who need to get vaccinated. For those in the northern hemisphere, flu season occurs around the months between October and May. For those in the southern hemisphere, the flu tends to pop up between April and September.

This can be a good thing for flu vaccine advertisers. Such advertising isn’t just relevant during a small margin of time– it’s relevant virtually all year.

However, it’s important for advertisers to understand exactly who is in the market to get a flu shot. While everyone should realistically want to get one, there are specific demographics that are more likely to get a flu shot in general. Just as well, there are a few best practices to keep in mind when advertising a flu vaccine for the best possible return.

Flu Vaccine Advertising – How to Find the Right Target Audience

There are a number of best practices for advertising flu vaccines. One best practice involves finding the right target audience ahead of time.

Flu vaccines tend to be sought out by the following demographics:

  • Parents of young children.
  • Adults over the age of 65 years.
  • Individuals who are at a high risk of developing flu-related compilations, such as those with asthma, heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, canver, and liver disorders. These individuals are usually adults.
  • Pregnant women.

Tailor your advertising methods, content, and designs to appeal to these demographics.

Once you know who your demographic is, it’s time to find them the right way. Using generatized, blanket advertising methods simply won’t work. PPC ads for very general keywords won’t have much in the way of returns. Just as well, more costly advertising methods could result in poor ROI if you don’t find exactly where your ideal target market is.

Through programmatic marketing, you can find the most valuable prospects exactly when they need a flu vaccine. Use programmatic targeting to place your ads on blogs, website, etc. that are specifically about influenza or the flu vaccines.

Your target market is already on these sites to learn more about the vaccine and the flu itself. By placing your display ads or native ads on these sites, your target audience will see them and be much more likely to click on them if they are already reading about the flu.

There are other best practices to consider as well. Consider offering flu shot gift cards or coupons as a reward for signing up to get a vaccine. Incentive is always attractive to the average consumer.

It may also be beneficial to use video advertising for your flu shot ads, but not specifically for new customers. You can use video email marketing to retarget past flu vaccine customers. Those who have gotten flu shots in the past are much more likely to get a flu shot again, but they likely need a little reminder.

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