Vaccine Advertising

Getting vaccinated is a part of everyday life. There is a lot of talk recently around Coronavirus Vaccines, but there are so many different vaccines out there for different diseases, and advertising any of them can be a bit difficult. Let’s look at all of the different types of vaccines a marketer could advertise, as well as the best way to get those ads out there.

Types of Vaccines to Advertise

There are so many different types of vaccines that one can get in their lifetime. If you plan on advertising vaccines, it’s important to understand all of the various types of vaccines out there.

Baby Vaccines

Hepatitis B

One of the first vaccines that newborn babies will receive is their first dose of the Hep B vaccine. This virus can cause liver swelling and chronic illness. Because babies can contract this disease with more complications than adults, a vaccine is vital.


This common vaccine is the best line of defense against the varicella-zoster virus. Typically, chicken, adolescents, and adults who have never had the disease before should be recommended with two doses.

Adult Vaccines

Flu Shots

Everybody over the age of six months should have a flu vaccination every year around flu season to prevent the spread of the virus to immunocompromised individuals.

Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Pertussis

Also known as the Td or Tdap vaccine, this treatment protects adults from a number of different HPV strains that can cause a wide range of cancers, including cervical cancer. HPV vaccines should start at around 12 years old but should continue on through about 26 years of age.

Travel Vaccines


This mosquito-borne disease can lead to death if left untreaded. Out of most of the cases that occur in the United States, the disease is often contracted after traveling overseas.


Cholera is not a virus, but a bacterial infection that is found in food or water sources that are not sanitary. Millions of people around the world are at risk of contracting the disease, and a Vaxchora vaccine is the best defense.

Finding the Right Target Audience

Clearly, there are a ton of different vaccines out there. When it comes to advertising, it’s vital to target the right people when advertising a specific vaccine.

For example: If you’re advertising the Hepatitis B vaccine, you won’t really find much luck advertising to parentless adults because this vaccine is designed for babies. Rather, you should target parents in your advertising.

When it comes to targeting your audience at the right time with your ads, it’s vital to invest in programmatic marketing. Programmatic marketing involves the placement of relevant ads, either as banners or native integrated ads, onto content that the target audience is reading.

If you are advertising the HPV vaccine, you’re going to want to place your ads on websites or blogs that discuss the human papilloma virus. Specifically, you should work with publishers who write content about the symptoms of HPV and why the vaccine is necessary.

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