Breast Cancer Awareness Advertising

Breast cancer is one of the biggest killers of women today. It’s so important that there is excellent eye-catching breast cancer awareness advertising out there to remind women to get mammograms regularly to find early signs of cancer.

There are so many different ways to execute an excellent breast cancer awareness campaign, but there are also some best practices to stick to.

Running Breast Cancer Awareness Advertising Campaigns Effectively

Women need to get regular mammograms as a preventative measure for breast cancer or to find early warning signs. The best way to do this is by running breast cancer awareness campaigns that catch attention quickly and stir emotions.

The emotional aspect of breast cancer is very important. Because this disease is so deadly and traumatizing for survivors, there can be a lot of value in focusing on the emotional and relatable aspect of it.

You could consider featuring survivors of breast cancer and showcasing their stories in your campaign. Just as well, you could also feature stories from the loved ones of individuals with breast cancer who did not survive the disease.

This emotional element is doing two things– it’s catching the attention of women who may have experienced a family member’s battle with breast cancer, and it’s using emotional appeal to make them consider their own health.

In addition to catching attention and adding an emotional aspect, it is also a good idea to add an element of human to your campagin. Breast cancer is terrible, and the negativity surrounding it may turn some people off and pull their attention away from the campaign.

You can combat this by adding elements of humor to your campaign. Perhaps your campaign can feature a quirky joke about mammograms. There are endless innuendoes for breasts, most of which can be used for a somewhat comedic but also encouraging ad for breast cancer awareness.

Color is another important thing to consider when crafting the designs for your ad. Breast cancer awareness is usually associated with the color pink, and many average advertising consumers recognize the relationship between pink and breast cancer awareness.

Use the color pink in some form to make your ads pop. Not only will this be visually appealing, but it will also catch attention and immediately be recognized as a breast cancer awareness ad.

As always, it’s always a good idea to place your breast cancer awareness ads on relevant websites and blogs via programmatic targeted advertising. Using a variety of targeting techniques, programmatic advertising involves placing breast cancera wareness ads on sites that have content related to breast cancer awareness, especially if it is content that breaks down common questions that women may be looking up. Your ad could be the reminder they need to get a mammogram.

At Healthy Ads, we can run advertising targeted towards women around the 45-66+ age range. We also run campaigns contextually alongside breast cancer content online, so you can have the most successful results from your campaign.

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